Change standard jumpers on Proac terminal?

Will it be beneficial to change the standard metal pin in my Proac speaker terminals for WH Phantom jumpers? Is there anyone here with Proac speakers who has tried this?
Also, should I connect the speaker cable to the upper or lower terminal or doesn’t it matter?
I use the Phantom as speaker cable.

If you can afford it then yes and try tip first but again that’s speaker dependant… or go crazy and try diagonal !

I use Tab 10 Signature with TQB speaker cable. I tried TQB Jumpers but preferred the links. A pair of v cheap TQB2 jumpers appeared on t’bay so took a chance and they work very well.

Connected to lower terminals.


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I use NACA5 ones as not got round to ordering in whitchhat ones to go with my WH speaker cables I got over summer. I will be ordering some at some point. It was a slight uplift for me nothing huge using the NACA 5 ones. My cables go into the bottom and then use the jumpers to connect to top. Not tried the other way just followed what others had done. Baaah!.

I currently have NAC A5 links on my ATC SCM40’s, they were a bit of a challenge to fit and now that they are in place they are staying, (for now.)

To my ears they made no difference to the stock links!

When I purchased my ProAc speakers the dealer first recommended that I place one lead in top and the other in the opposite bottom until he had a chance to pick up my speaker NAC A5 cables and add the jumper cables.

When he returned the speaker cables:

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Interesting. So he soldered an extra plug to the main wire?

Jumpers are better than the pins. Get jumpers made from the same cable as your main cables.

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Yes they were soldered.

I sent along an email to the dealer and waited for him to verify. Part of his response was “We call that the bi-link arrangement”.

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