Change uPnP from album to artist

Hi. I’m using the Focal & Naim app. When I select uPnP it shows me a list in Albums view, but I can’t see how to change it to Artist instead. Help please!


What UPnP server are you using?

The tags used for music selection are set by the UPnP server.

In the Naim app Server page at the top of the list it might say “By Album” and over at the left side there is a backward arrow. Press that and you’ll go up one level in your UPnP server tree, and should now see a list of options like “By Folder”, “By Album”, and “By Artist”… this is the place to choose the main sort order for browsing next.

Hi. Thanks so much for replying. I sussed it seconds after I posted this, so, all good. :blush::+1:

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