Changes - one at a time next time

I recently got several items serviced and the overall sound has changed so much I’m not sure I like it!

Trouble is I have no idea if things just need time to burn in or whether one or more things are worse than expected.

On top of that, I stupidly repositioned speakers a bit wildly one day last week which further confuses matters.

Suspect others have done the same, but when servicing a stepwise approach might be less practical but easier to judge. (Not just Naim equipment btw).

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When i decided in my nd555 i needed a preamp…252. I wanted to do the full Naim SL loom. My dealer told me to wait and let it all run in. Wise words, a recent interconnect trial, left me underwhelmed with the SL. Still thinking on the next move.

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Put the speakers back! :wink:
And then give the serviced items time to run in. :grin:

I find it takes about six weeks for serviced Naim kit to run in.


:small_blue_diamond:And,…as the picture above says…Important,you have to play them 24/7 during that time.



How long for serviced Linn kit? :thinking:

Err pass. I’d allow similar though to be fully sure. :blush:

Funny thing is that I’m wondering if some of that smooth ‘analogue’ sound I’d loved might have been enhanced by slow component degradation as the whole system now sounds a lot ‘thinner’ with less depth than it did before, especially analogue sources.

Trouble with the speakers is I just impulsively moved them and didn’t record original positions, though nothing to say they were optimal I suppose :roll_eyes:

I stick masking tape on the floor so I can always return them to where they were. :blush:

But surely you can in your minds eye still home in on exactly where they had sat for so long??
Maybe have a large glass of wine, wait ten minutes, get a divining rod, and let it guide you to the spot!

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I did this last week
So I backed up by putting my switch back on the rack and that sorted everything out
Also my new speaker cables are now burning in nicely…but I will still make sure that I swop back to my old cables in a few weeks time to make a better comparison.

I just spend six months moving my speakers around before spiking them into the new carpet
But I am still going to try and play with the rake, ie raising up the front of the plinths to try to raise the soundstage…

And as you change the system I think speakers will need to move position to adapt to the new system output

No seriously, not a tidy room, no tape or marks, juts clutter displaced on the floor :tired_face:

I had my 282/HC2/250-2 serviced and DR’d last summer. I think it took a solid two months to run in, and a few more months to gel even better. Now it’s sublime. I’ve done other upgrades too, but they would not have integrated so well without the DR and probably service too.


That’s great news, just keep enjoying the music

Good to hear, thanks.

My NAP has a lot of transformer hum since I got it back.

Unfortunately my older NAP is not recent enough for a DR upgrade.

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