Changing i need to change anything else?

So I’m changing from a Linn Troika to a DV 20X2…the pre amp is an 82. Will i need to change any settings?

It seems the phono board setting are not quite right for the DV!

Any views?


@Richard.Dane, @kuma, and others should respond. I feel the response is yes, being both low output MC cart. But not sure at 100%.

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Was the Dyanvector an H or an L version. The H is high output so needs NA522 boards. The L would work OK on NA523K boards (I assume that’s what you have onboard currently as these are ideal for the Troika), but would prefer NA523S boards.

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Yes I think you are right…but i do not know for sure.

While i’m sure it will work what would i be missing out by not using the S boards in terms of SQ?

Hard to say as I’ve not compared S and K on a Dynavector 20X2L - it’s just that Dynavectors usually sound best with S boards.

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OK so is it straight forward to change them or is it a send away job?

The cards are relatively easy for the owner to fit and remove.

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S board would be better for Dyna. ( assuming it’s a lower output version )

I still have a Stageline K and find S is much more versatile.

K is good for higher end Lyra.


Interesting you say K was for Troika. Thought it was for Karma. :slight_smile:
You got me thinking trying my Stageline K with Troika. ( tho I had a noise problem up here thus I have been using a Linto which is a pretty good match for Troika )

Kuma, yes K for Karma, but as the Troika and Karma are basically very similar under the body, K for Troika too.


I will try a K with Troika to see!

When my Superline had to go back to the factory for a service, I put in my old Stageline K in its place. Initially it was a bit of a shock as it lacks the Superline’s amazing resolving power and came across as dimensionally rather flat and constricted. However, it grooves pretty well and once I got my head round it, I could enjoy it on a different level.

If you cart is the low output one L, do not bother much and keep the boards you have inside.

Would it be true to say K for all Linn mc Kartridges, Richard?

Most all, although I think S is possibly best for the earlier ones. I’m no expert here though.

My experience with K loading was it worked good on Scantec ( Lyra ) made Linn carts ( Akiva or Kandid ) but on anything else it was just too open for some carts and had a tendency to shout. ( as you say *constricted ) I’d assume that K loading would have also worked on Arkiv.

My understanding was that Troika was designed by Supex ( origination of S loading )

Anyways, I am gonna dust off a K Stageline and try out on Troika in place of Linto. ( IIRC this is equivalent of S loading )

Let us know how it turns out…and PS i think my boards are K as they have a little K sticker on it! :thinking:

Not here at all if anything ever so slightly the other way round
Prefix K+20x2L
My guess S in place of K wouldn’t have changed that much but arm etc…
Obviously a real configurable phono preamp would come into equation, too methinks.

Dunno. When I had both Stageline S and K they sure made a huge difference. Also with Superline K loading vs. S. I have once tried a Prefix but can’t remember which loading it was. ( it had other issues so was quickly removed )

Maybe I should purchase another set of boards as I might want to get the Troika overhauled so would have the correct boards ready to go without a load of faff!

@kuma Do not know whether we’re talking of the same cart, anyway neither the Linn specialist who fitted it nor I expressed any doubt on that matching soundwise and technically speaking there’s very little difference in loading.
Also I didn’t even know it would be possible to replicate the S version loading on Superline but K : 1kΩ, 500Ω (K), 220Ω, 100Ω