Changing Cover Art in Ripped CD on Android

Hi I’m a newbie and just started ripping CDs on my Uniti Star…as anticipated some are missing the cover art. Using the NAIM app on Android I’m able to locate the missing cover art but am failing to get the selected link picked up be the app. I’ve also tried downloading the images but when attmepting the gallery option it states no supported application.

Any suggestions?

I don’t use the android app, but in the IOS app with UnitiCore, which has similar firmware to the UnitiStar, you have to copy the selected image by tapping the desired image and selecting that option. Then you can back out of the image selection. And remember to “save” as you leave the editor.

It should be something like that with android.

It doesnt seem to ‘paste’ the image when I go back to the image selection…or allow a paste to be done?

Tried it again and noticed that a message warning that it ‘failed o load the image, is the url correct’

You could try getting the image from a different on line resource. I have noticed that some work less well than others.

Otherwise let’s see if someone who uses android with a Star can offer any comment.

My Android Phone is a Pixel 6 running Android 13…the copying the link deosn’t seem to be picked up in the Metadata app. I installed the Naim App on my old Chromebook and have been able to change the cover art as directed.

Thanks for your input David.

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I use android with my Samsung Notes20. I usually download the picture first to my device, and then edit the metadata by copying the image from Gallery

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