Changing Neat Iota Alphas

My wife has expressed a strong desire to change the speakers for some that compliments the room!!! From my Iota Alphas in a walnut finish.
To a light oak finish , but must be able to be near a wall. My Amp is the Uniti Star.
Any suggestion without spending money ie Part exchange , the price of the Neats seems to be about £2200 2nd hand on several sites

Proac Tablette 10s ?

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Thats your dilemma
Not many floor standers works such place unfortunately.
Your price expectations is a bit exaggerated too.

What about big iota alphas: Naim sbls?

Surely the simplest answer is some Iota Alphas in light oak, or am I missing something?


:rofl: :joy:

Don’t know how much they go for 2nd hand but Kudos S20s are lovely in oak and sound great!

If you’re considering some stand-mounts and enjoy the NEAT sound and want a close boundary design then a pair of oak veneered Ministra speakers maybe worth investigating.

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Seconded about the Ministra, the only speaker Neat formally document as a boundary compatible design, gotta be worth a listen

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I’ve finally done it after listening to several speakers at the dealers and at home. The wife is happy with the looks and sound.
I’ve gone for PMC twenty5 23i,s lovely sounding speaker with great detail and depth. Just got to wait till they come next week.

Congratulations, great speakers I ran the 25.23’s with a Nova for a few years, work well close to wall. I guess you increased your budget.

Yep but also got a great PX,

No it was Neat Iota Xplorers I had , The bigger ones.

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