Changing Silver Fraim legs to black

Strange question but has anyone painted silver Fraim legs matt black and if so, what paint gave the best result? Thanks

I think someone on here had them sprayed at a local car body shop. Cheaper than buying a set of Black uprights for sure.

I did the latter only in case I ever decided to go back to Silver for a change.

I found Plastikote pretty good. You can spend a fortune on decent spray paint but I recently refinished a pair of speakers with matt black Plastikote and it went on fine.

A body shop will get a better finish but if you’ve a steady hand and a reasonably dust free area to work in then why not.

Another option is to get the legs wrapped in finish of your choice, like used on car parts and wheels.
Could have black carbon wrap for example.


I bought a second hand set of black legs to get a sample of the correct shade then took one to my local anodisers who matched the shade perfectly, so took all my silver legs (6 sets) and had them anodised for less than half the price of one new set


I found ‘Poundland’ ‘matt black auto spray paint’ is a great ‘colour’ and ‘finish’ match. The beauty of the silver (original) finish being anodised is that if required you can use paint stripper to easily remove the paint without affecting the original finish.


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