Changing Unitilite remote comntrol to a different code

My Unitilite remote control has the same code as another remote (Hegel P20) that doesn’t have a way to change the code. Is there a way of changing the code for the Unitilite? Thank you!

Try here:

From the Troubleshooting Manual…

The remote could be set to the wrong system code. To reset the remote control to the default system code point the remote at the NaimUniti and press the following buttons at the same time: aux, Info (i) and disp.

The remote control interferes with another product/Uniti responds to another product’s remote control
• The NaimUniti remote control can be configured to work on a different remote control channel if the default channel clashes with another product’s remote control. To change the control channel point the remote at the NaimUniti and press the following buttons at the same time: aux, info (i) and one of the following:
o Disp(thisisthedefaultsetting)oroneofthealternatechannels:1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 0

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Thank you Richard! I followed the steps. The other buttons were fine, but the volume buttons of both remote controls always work for both.

OK, have you tried all of the different channels?


Not sure if this is of any help but when I purchased a DAC V1 to use as a Headphone Amp my dealer reconfigured the DAC V! remote so it would not clash with the volume on my 252.

I have just checked and my 552 and Unitiite remote will operate the volume on both the Unitilite and 552 as will the remote from the Unitilte

The DAC V1 remote will only change the volume on the V1 and does not change the volume on either the 552 or Unitilte.

Might pay to contact Naim to see if they can help.

I don’t know whether this is relevant but the instructions that I had from Naim years ago for changing the Uniti remote to a different channel so it wouldn’t also control another Naim product at the same time were slightly different.

You press the keys that are mentioned in the fault finding guide, but a key point is that you do it when the Uniti is starting up from power off and you press the buttons while the splash screen is showing on the product.

I mentioned this recently to another member who was trying to do this and he responded later saying that the splash screen bit was the critical missing information and now he had succeeded.

Hope this helps.




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