Channel balance

I have a 122x and my left channel is slightly louder than the right. It is not the low volume balance issue but at normal level the left is louder and probably due to speaker placement. If I had a balance control I could recenter imaging smack in the middle but there is no balance control on the 122x…any tricks to fix that. Cannot move speaker and the left is closer to walls and not the right one this explains the channel imbalance.

Speaker positioning and toe in. Small movements can make big differences. It depends on the room, assuming the system is working properly.

I have the opposite problem. The room attenuates the left speaker. Always has. The solution was to move the left speaker closer to the listening position, just a couple of cm. Now that I have an amp with a balance control I’ve become lazy, as you do.

Next pre-amp will have a balance control…my right speaker is affected by the side wall and a bunch of records on the floor.


I sometimes perceive my soundstage a bit skewed towards the right channel. Possibly because my right hand speaker is closer to a side wall than the left?

I sometimes tweak the balance using ‘audio settings’ on the app.

I am aware of the compromise but it works for me

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