Songs are sung. And then there is also chant, which seems pretty rare outside Rap and Hip-Hop.

I think one of the most known artists for chant is Anne Clark (e.g., but questioned myself if this is all. So I was browsing through my music collection and got the following:

First of all, most I found are German artists:

The Inchtabokatables - In Die Raghandi

Icke und Er – Der Untergang

In Extremo – Unter dem Meer. Ok, chorus is sung, but all other is chant.

Then, one of my favourite discoveries:

Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side

And then:

Noir Desir – L’Europe

and a little more between chant and classical songs.

Chumbawamba – Big Mouth Strikes Again

Is there more out in the world?

Nitzer Ebb, with the apt title of join in the chant …:grinning:

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Alice Coltrane has an extensive body of work exploring the devotional Sanskrit chants.


I suspect these might fall outside what was expected:

on Edgar Broughton’s Out Demons Out, on the ‘best of, album of the same name.

And, coincidentally from the same year (1970) this:
Come to the Sabbatt by Black Widow, from the rather good Sacrifice album.


Well, I think it is about more to speak than to sing while Instrumente are still used to make… hmmm… music. As opposed to singer-songwriter that just use their acoustic guitar to provide some background noise for their story-telling.

Well much as I like PSB this is what chant means to me.

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@Camphuw, that was not what I had in mind. It looks like different understanding caused by translation - but still have not a better one.
Further digging revealed this on my NAS:

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Krishna Das does the Kirtan style of yogic chanting, which is very nice.


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