Charity shop

I was very pleased with this triplet from the Acorns Hospice shop in Droitwich


There are some great charity shops - I have found that depending on where you are they have different music. Some are definitely almost exclusively classical, others pop.

Where do most people find gems? I find a lot of good CDs in Oxfam on Drury Lane, London.

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My local YMCA throws up some occasional winners. £5.50 for the lot. The Eva Cassidy is the full 31 tracks from Blues Alley set recorded in 1996 (12 previously unreleased) plus DVD.


I’m guessing it’s about timing it right. My local charity shops are a waste of time these days. All there better stuff is picked over by dealers as soon as it arrives. They know the “real price” and allegedly give better prices.
The rest is tat. All the yellow and brown 1970’s brass band music. Which might be your thing.
Me, best buys are ebay.

Music Magpie doing their bonkers, 4 CDs for 8 squid … get looking!

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Their quality control is non existent though. But no issue in sending out replacements. And no need to send duff cd back.

After many years of sifting through endless LP’s of Top Of The Pops, James Last, Mantovani and Readers Digests box sets, I finally had a ‘good find’ day in a charity shop today (thanks to the Hospice Charity shop in Abergavenny).

All five of the 180gm LP’s (and the triple Elvis) are in mint condition and if anything I would say they are unplayed (and the Dave Edmunds LP is VG). And all for the sum of £7. I gave the lady £20 and told her to keep the rest as a donation. I’d like to think that both of us were happy with the transaction.


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