Chasing the sound

I currently throughly enjoy my SN2 and NDX2 with external power, running Westlake Audio BBMS 4 at 4 ohm which just replaced Spendor D9 ‘s. My space is 10’ x 14’. And this is for critical listening only. Like most of us, I’m always chasing the holy grail of sound even though what I hear now is amazing clarity and staging.

That said, I’m Looking for suggestion what I should upgrade to that will have a noticeable overall improvement.

Thanking in advance…

If your enjoying this particular set up, your best options are with upgrading cables and supports to bring out its best.
And, of course new music and plenty of it.

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In that case the best thing you can do is carry out acoustic treatment to the room.

Maybe some acoustic treatment, as the room is not very big.
A high quality power block and power cables .

My experience of cables recently is that its best to do last. I have just removed all my Superlumina and gone back to HiLine/Kudos as I feel the sound is more natural. A change of speakers made my system sound better but worse at the same time. Network switches make a difference if you can demo.

The best item in my system is my Melco N10 as it allows me to curate and manage my music the way I want.

Acoustic analysis / treatment

Not clear to me, what this means. If it involves non-Naim PSU’s, then discussion would be in breech of the Forum rules.

It also suggests an obvious upgrade path. Get Naim PSU’s.


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