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I recently bought a second NAP 110 and NAC 42 combo. The chassis/cover is a different length than the older 110/42 I have. Does anyone have any information regarding when this change took place, and why?

Thank you

Hi mcwhart,

I’ve been thinking about this today & came up with the theory that perhaps the change of chassis length was because of product uniformity with the introduction of the Hicap, which required more space for the transformer.
However, the 110 was introduced in 1979 & the HC in 1984, meaning a 4/5 year “short chassis” production run.
The short chassis 110 is quite rare, so I’m not sure my theory holds water.
I’ll see if I can find a definitive answer for you soon.


The shoebox short chassis cover was very short lived. It was decided to standardise the depth with the introduction of the full width cover in 1980. This also gave enough space for the NAC42XO option.

Note that the extruded SNAPS and NAIT saw a return to a short chassis, albeit even shorter than the original 41/110 of ‘79, with the SNAPS shorter still.

Ah, I hadn’t considered the depth of the full width units.

That makes sense - thanks Richard! :smiley:


Neil, it’s what Sheila told me, and thinking about it, it makes sense.

Certainly does - and from a truly reliable source!

One of kind, I do miss Sheila.

Thanks Richard.

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Thank you, Richard and Neil. Both pieces have low serial numbers, in the 200s, and the 110 has an older 3 pin power socket. My CB SNAPS does have a shorter chassis than the 110/42.

These would have pre-dated the current serial numbering. Sadly, I don’t think there are any serial number records for the earlier kit.

Ys, the short-case NAP110 should have the round Bulgin power inlet. Does your NAC42 have 3 or 4 DIN sockets on the back?

Any chance of seeing some pictures?

Here are some photos.


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