Cheap 4+ input DAC

just got rid of a supernait for a 2 and lost my digital inputs
need it for the tv, dat, cd recorder, dvd, stream…all optical

any suggestions?

The NDAC has 4 optical inputs. Not sure what you mean by cheap, but it’s a great value DAC now that used prices have dropped.


nDACs are currently going for 800-1100 squids on eBay. Four optical, or 2 BNC plus 2 RCA…or indeed various combinations.

Does that count as “cheap”? Even though it is a seriously “vintage” bit of kit, I don’t think you would be disappointed by the SQ!

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I feel the OP has no dac at all now…

in the 2 to 3 hundred CAN dollars, the nDAC would be nice but totally unnecessary

Four optical inputs is quite a tall order. Even the Supernait didn’t offer that.

However, if you want a decent cheap DAC that will do the job well but not cost a load of money then I would consider something like the original Arcam IRDAC, which has a pair of coaxial, a pair of optical, two USBs (one asynchronous) as well as a coaxial s/pdif output. Or for rather more money (but still well short of Naim DAC money), how about a Rega DAC-R with a similar complement of s/pdif inputs.


yeah tall order as in it doesn’t really exist and
i think i was using 2 optical and 2 spdif with the nait

i’m probably going to get a single optical dac for the tv and run
the DAT and cd recorder analog

Topping D30 seems to be a good contender

I use an Arcam irDAC ii and can highly recommend it - I use it with my Sony Bluray player via coax connection to play DVDs and Blurays, and with my PC via USB for occasional streaming. For the price, it is an excellent bit of kit.

Musical Fidelity have a similar DAC I believe, which received a stellar write up in this month’s HiFi News.

Or the E30 (the updated version of the D30) - it seems to get excellent reviews. Don’t know whether it has ‘hit’ UK stores yet.

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saw that one, kinda like the D for the classic simple look

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