Cheapest Way To Get Bluetooth Into A NAC72?

Hello All
I have a spare NAC72 gathering dust and want to see if I can put it to use my workshop. Can anyone suggest a cheap bluetooth receiver that I can connect to this so I can stream from my iPod? I am not looking for audiophile sound, just something that will do the job.
Thanks for any help.

Ifi make a Bluetooth streamer.

How cheap does it have to be, and what sort if sound quality are you hoping for?
I would tend to look at a WiFi solution rather than Bluetooth as I find the connection more reliable (leave the room with the iPod in your pocket and a Bluetooth connection will fail) and sound quality is potentially better.
Lots of options out there. Yamaha WXAD10, Sonos Connect, Chromecast Audio.
If you don’t mind a wired connection an Audioquest Dragonfly attached to the iPod would be a great option, with good headphone performance as well.

…do you know I hadn’t even though of a wired connection! That may indeed be the cheapest/ best way. Any other cheap wired DACs I could consider as well as the Dragonfly? Sound quality does not have to be great - I will have to buy some cheap bookshelf speakers as well so need to keep the cost down. I was looking at just using a bluetooth speaker but feel as I have the NAC72 sitting around if I used this I would get far better sound than I would do using an ‘all-in-one’ bluetooth speaker.

My plan with my main Naim system is to one day get a Bluesound Node, so getting another streamer for my workshop would be doubling up I feel.

Look at the usual sites for a BT audio converter. 20-30 pounds will get you something to try out.

The cheapest Dragonfly is the Black, but you need the latest version as the older models wouldn’t work on iOS. You also need an Apple CCK adapter to connect it (and a mini-jack to DIN lead for the 72).

There are so many cheap DACs around that it’s hard to know where to start. If your iPod has an analogue jack you don’t actually need to buy anything, just a cable.

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