Cherry Fraim

I have a cherry fraim and I want to add some more shelves.
Do any of you know if there are tonal differences (color) between a new shelf and an old one?


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This may throw something up - Naim Fraim - cherry vs tinted cherry - #9 by hungryhalibut

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I’ve had problems with maple shelves with different patina. Mind you some were used so … perhaps different environments :pleading_face:

Unfinished cherry wood gets darker with time. I don’t know if cherry Fraim is made of real cherry or if it has a finish which would discourage darkening.

I have the older non tinted Cherry and I just added a single shelve and depending on the age of your old Cherry you will notice a difference in colour. I don’t notice mine when sitting down and it will all blend in eventually. Top right in picture below.


I think you can still order the darker (tinted) cherry if you have that - I added shelves recently and asked for the older tint and they matched perfectly, so I’d have a word with your dealer.

When I got my cherry Fraim 3 years ago there were 16 shelves, including 3 double bases. One of them was clearly a lighter shade than the others so I just put that one lower down in the stack, and when the PS was placed upon it the difference was insignificant, unless you shined a bright light upon it and stared.

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