Chet Baker

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Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Chet Baker, Philip Catherine - Crystal Bells, Igloo (2018)

Crystal Bells (6:14)
Strollin (7:20)
Lament (7:27)
Leaving (9:36)
Cherokee (6:46)
Estate (5:30)

Double Bass – Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
Guitar – Philip Catherine
Trumpet – Chet Baker

Recorded September 83 at igloostudio, Brussels

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Chet Baker With Åke Johansson Trio – Live In Sweden, Dragon Records (1983)


Lament 12:50
My Ideal 7:42
Beatrice 10:30
Ellen David 8:28
You Can’t Go Home Again 7:44

Bass – Kjell Jansson
Drums – Göran Levin
Piano – Åke Johansson
Trumpet – Chet Baker
Vocals – Chet Baker (tracks: A2)

Recorded live in Nefertiti, Gothenburg, September 29, 1983.

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During November 1983 Chet played in a Trio with Bassist Jesper Lungaard and Duke Jordan, two dates firstly at the New Morning Club, Paris on the 24th and again the following night at Jazz Club Kawe in the small Belgian town of Lauwe where recorded by the bass player Jesper Lungaard they would not be released until 1986 though on the Japanese label Marshmallow Records.

Duke Jordan always seemed to get the best out of Chet although personally the two didn’t get along the pianist was not impressed with Chet’s unprofessional behaviour and unlike most of the younger European Jazz players wasn’t in awe of playing with him. Duke had played with Miles Davis back in the early days and was a brilliant musician and composer in his own right and whatever issues he and Chet had on a personal level the music they made on this and the earlier record No Problem released on SteepleChase was at times sublime.

Chet could be lazy and lacklustre at times when playing with the younger less well known Jazz musicians around Europe but when playing with musicians of the old guard that he respected he almost always played to the very best of his capabilities especially on these recordings even his vocals where as good as the had been for many years.

Chet Baker Trio with Duke Jordan - September Song, Marshmallow Records, 1986


September Song 8:04
My Funny Valentine 6:41
I Remember You 4:19
But Beautiful 4:32
Barbados 11:28
September Song (instrumental Version) 7:34
Solar 4:02

Bass - Jesper Lundgaard
Piano - Duke Jordan
Trumpet & Vocals - Chet Baker

Recorded at New Morning Club, Paris, November 24 th., 1983. Except “Barbados” recorded at the Jazz Club Kawe, Lauwe, Belgium, November 25 th., 1983.


Another recording from 1983 was Mr B recorded at Studio 44, Holland and released on Wim Wigts Timeless Records. The Trio of Chet, Michel Graillier and Ricardo del Fra played hundreds of hours together and where capable when Chet was ok of playing some beautiful music as was the case on Mr B which like all of Chet’s Timeless recordings by Max Bolleman also sounded first class.

The record was re released with extra tracks from the session included White Blues and Father Xmas.



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Before we head into 1984 we have to go back to 1978 for another release who’s recording and release date caught me out there a few more which we catch up with later but this Criss Cross Jazz release predates our next chronological release which is also on Criss Cross.

So we’re back to November, 30th 1978 in Laren which is a 30 minute drive south of Amsterdam at Nick Vollebregt’s Jazz Cafe. On piano is Phil Markowitz and bass and drums are Scott Lee and Jeff Brillinger.

Chet and Phil are on top form the 17 minute version of Wayne Shorter’s Beautiful Black Eyes is exceptional as is the rest of the recording.

Not released until 1987 it was reissued last year on a double lp including two extra tracks from the night I remember You and an excellent version of Cole Porter’s Love For Sale.


Chet Baker Quartet with Phil Markowitz - Live at Nick’s, Criss Cross Jazz (1987)


The Best Thing For You Is Me 9:36
Broken Wings 9:52
This Is Always 8:23
Beautiful Black Eyes 17:02

Included on 2023 reissue
C2 I Remember You 10:07
D1 Love For Sale 13.37

Bass – Scott Lee
Drums – Jeff Brillinger
Piano – Phil Markowitz
Trumpet, Vocals – Chet Baker

Recorded live at Nick Vollebregt’s Jazz Café, Laren
Recorded November 30, 1978.

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Next up is another Criss Cross Jazz releases recorded on September 30th, 1984 at Wim Wigts Studio 44 with the excellent recording engineer Max Bolleman. Chet is joined by Warne Marsh, Hod O’Brien, Eddie Gladden and Cecil McBee.

An excellent date both Warne Marsh and Cecil McBee bring some star power to the proceedings first released in 1985 but again reissued in 2023 with extra an extra track a take two of Looking Good Tonight.

Chet Baker Quintet with Warne Marsh - Blues For a Reason, Criss Cross Jazz, (1985)


Well Spoken 9:05
If You Could See Me Now 5:35
We Know It’s Love 6:28
Looking Good Tonight 8:28
Imagination 7:30
Blues For A Reason 8:38

Included on 2023 reissue
A4, Looking Good Tonight [Take Two] 5:23

Bass – Cecil McBee
Drums – Eddie Gladden]
Piano – Hod O’Brien
Tenor Saxophone – Warne Marsh
Trumpet – Chet Baker

Recorded in Studio 44, Monster on September 30, 1984


Also in September 1984 Chet agreed to make an album with Romanian film score writer Vladimir Cosma earlier in the year Chet had played on his score for the French film Le Jumeau. The record Chet Plays Vladimir Cosma was recorded at Studio Davout, Paris and featured rearrangements of film scores by Cosma and was released on French label Carrere and featured amongst others Danish bass player Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and French pianist Maurice Vander. The result was Chet at his best as was always the case when confronted with proper musicians and proper recording engineers, his scatting on B.B Blues some of the best he ever recorded.

It was reissued in 2020 on Larghetto Music which is the excellent version that I have and is available still at a fraction of the cost of the Carrere original.

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Chet Baker - Chet Baker Plays Vladimir Cosma, Carrere (1984), Larghetto (2020)

B.B. Blues 5:56
Yves Et Danielle (Thème Du Film “Salut L’Artiste”) 3:28
Hobbylog 4:53
Promenade Sentimentale (Thème Du Film “Diva”) 3:43
12 + 12 (Thème Du Film “Le Jumeau”) 4:15
Two Much 4:54
Douceurs Ternaires 4:56
Pintade A Jeun (Thème Du Film “Nous Irons Tous Au Paradis”) 3.16

Recorded Studio Davout, Paris September 1984

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