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Hi am looking for any recommendations on good uk travel agents for a trip to Chile.

Our trip would be based on some culture, wildlife, birding, and perhaps some walking. Guided group or with a private guide and cover both north, middle and south over say a roughly three week period. Not sure if all three sections of such a long country are practical for one trip.
If any one has been and has any tips or recommendations I’d appreciate it.
All info welcome!

Thomas Cook?

I’ll get my coat…



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3 weeks for the length of the country is going to be a whirlwind tour that doesn’t provide much time for enjoyment unless you enjoy that sort of thing. Maybe narrow down the list a bit and consider a more focused approach. I rode the length of the country by motorbike and can make some recommendations but I don’t have any experience with tour companies there aside from some adventure moto travel outfits.


Btw, if you’re hikers or just enjoy the outdoors and beautiful scenery I highly recommend the Torres del Paine national park. It’s one of my favorites in all of Latin America.

You can stay in Puerto Natales which is a neat little port town. The “W” trail is a big attraction at the TDP.

I found this link that details how you can hike the trail without a guide.

There are loads of tours that can be found with some internet searching, the reviews can be helpful there.

Just a beautiful place.

If you give us an idea of what you like to do I can make some specific recommendations.

Notable attractions:
Atacama Desert
Barrio Brasil in Santiago
Concha y Toro (Vineyard)
Lakes District
Carretera Austral


If you google journeylatinamerica, I can recommend them. It is an expensive way to do it but safe. If you are independent minded and have passible Spanish you can do Chile by bus and in small hotels or camp for not very much money. Get a copy of Chile, A Remote Corner on Earth: Travel Guide Paperback by Empresas Chochrane 1992 (blue cover) it is well out of date but full of useful info of what to see and where to go. Most of Chile is very safe if you do not make yourself stand out there is still a large rich poor divide and avoid any political comment ( I know one person who was disappeared). Depends what you are interested in as to where you start and how much you do. If you do the Andes make sure you can take altitude. Weather is good February to April. Not a country for vegetarians, fantastic wine and try pisco.
But do go it is a fantastic country!

The central vally south of Los Ángeles

The Maule Valley


Hi ElMarko,
Sorry Re delay in reply, Fantastic info and very much appreciated. Also enjoyed your pics here and on photo thread, will certainly be following up on recommendations and itinerary ideas.

Hi Peter1480,

Again many thanks for the info and pics, useful and will be following up. Hope to do some walking and also birding, trouble with a country like Chile is that it’s difficult to decide how to divide your time, although that applies to so many destinations I guess.
Looking to go early next year.
Thanks for the pics also

Hi ChifChaf,
Great walking almost any where in tthe National Parks, all the rest of Chile is privately owned so you have to be careful, there is no right to roam, I’ve been shot at twice!
Lots of birds, get a copy of A Wildlife Guide to Chile (Helm Field Guides) nothing like beeing buzzed by condors.

Condor at Robleria del Cobre de Loncha


Hi Peter
Definitely a bird on my list ! Will aim to get personal guide for birding and also some of the other wildlife. Am currently looking at some Taylor-made options.
Closest I’ve got to Chile in the past is Costa Rica. As a child I collected brook bond tea cards and recall a set depicting South American birds, and I’ve had a thing about birding since. Looking forward to “C@&£ of the Rock” ! Problem being I guess is given the huge change of latitude that Chile encompasses is choosing what and where…

NB. only used symbols above as correct word is seemingly banned by the forum software!:grinning:

Friends daughter out there at present. May not be the moment for a visit. She genuinely fears for her safety at present. Atmosphere toxic.

I’m in regular contact with friends in Santiago, Valdivia and Puerto Montt they say it is frighening in the cities but ok in rural areas, I’m due out in late February next year.

Thanks Pete and Mike
Have decided to travel, but to delay until next Autumn now. Just hope that matters for the people of Chile get better very soon, such a sad situation.

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