Chilli jelly

I thread the chillies with a needle and cotton to hang them up in the conservatory to dry. Then I pack them in jars. You can also pickle them, put them in oil or freeze them.


I made chilli jam several years ago with red peppers and a few chillis. Must try you recipe.

Chilli jam sounds interesting. I’ve been growing chillies and making sauce from them for many years. My go-to variety is Habanero as they seem to grow well in the limited conditions I have (windowsills and a balcony). This year however, I was given a mixture of seeds by someone at a local chilli festival. They are all doing well so far, but one variety has gone completely mad. I am not sure exactly what they are, but it looks likely that they could be Sugar Rush Peach. A few have ripened already and they seem to be quite mild compared to my others. I’m thinking they might be ideal to use for a jam/jelly.

There are quite a few:


Nice pictures and it does look like the fashionable Sugar Rush Peach. Plants and pods can grow large. I’ll have to get some seeds.

Haven’t come across those. This year in the greenhouse, we’ve got Piment de Padron, Jalapeño, Anaheim, Scotch Bonnet, Apache, Bhut Jolokia, and one I can’t remember - bought on a whim from B & Q ….could be Hot Banana.

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