Chocolate - what do you like and why?

I was going to post this on the Easter thread but as it’s now passed, I thought a new thread was in order. Just arrived … a few days late from the Zotter factory in Austria.

I’ve started on the dark chocolate with pumpkin seeds and walnuts (free form - see through packaging). It was well worth the wait. Cheaper than the shops here, and I have a stash to last until the good lady returns from caring for her father in Plymouth. I hope it lasts until then …

Ok I’m over the initial excitement. I discovered this brand after reading a regular column in the Observer. So far the pumpkin dark chocolate was a star, but the caramel and cinnamon was a miss. I ration chocolate at home because I would demolish a bar in one session. Even the Easter Toblerone box went in a couple of days.


Awaiting my dark chocolate hamper from Hotel Chocolat.

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Straight forward, basic, Cadbury’s Bournville.

Smooth, dark, flavoursome.

Nice with a sip or two of cognac after an evening walk.

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Green & Black’s Almond is one of my favourites and on special occasions I have a penchant for Godiva: these are divine.


That G&B almond chocolate makes crack cocaine seem innocent. Sooo addictive!


I was given a box of Thornton’s chocolate’s for my birthday (caramel selection)
Well they were the nicest chocolate’s I have ever had
Didn’t take long to get through them …but enjoyed every one

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I’ve been off chocolate for Lent, so Easter day saw my first chocolate intake for 6 weeks. I ate the ears and head of a Lindt chocolate rabbit.

My favourite regular chocolate is Lindt’s 90% dark.

Otherwise, we’re lucky to have a superb local chocolatier in Tenterden called Truffles at Coco. Their dark “Squirrel’s Delight” is a favourite. They also make the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted. Well worth making a special trip once lockdown is lifted. I just hope they survive.


I’m a novice on the hot chocolate. In a wine society hamper this Christmas I had a pot of Sloane’s, which is a blend of milk and dark. It remains unopened. However, I’ve just notice that they recommend mixing it with King’s Ginger; now I have some of that!

Hansen’s Chocolate from Folkingham in Lincolnshire. Small producer only avaialble Friday and Saturday, but very fine and worth every penny.

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A colleague loves and introduced me to chocolate from Läderach.

Tried some at a conference a few years ago, very nice.

Have been meaning to order some for a while.

I like my chocolate the same way I to listen to my music; natural with as little additives as possible.

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I weaned myself off chocolate at the age of about 13, so now only have some not to appear rude st dinner parties.

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Ever realise your life has become a joke?


Ever more frequently…

They are selling their end of range Easter stuff, I put an order in - yet to see it.

Will check cc

No surprise Daffy.
How adorable.

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That was a good reminder - just made a chilli con carne and the recipe demanded dark chocolate - remembered I had a Godiva selection box in another room!

Thought it was nearly empty - delighted to find it full!


Marcolini’s, in Brussels. Anything from them, including hot chocolate.

You are well informed: I’ve heard that dark chocolate is the secret ingredient to an amazing chilli.