Choice between Nova, 272, NDX/202


I actually have an Naim Nova paired with Dynaudio Contour 2.8 which work well together. I have recently bought an NAP 250 to pair with the Nova at a good price to help the amplifier (which is an improvement on overall sound)

I have another opportunity on the second hand market to change my Unit Nova. Selling it will give me the opportunity to go to 272 + Teddy XPS or NDX+202(or another one?). I’m listening principally using my NAS (75%), also some vinyl (10% on Thorens 166) and use Spotify and Airplay with Apple TV for movies. I really need to have good this stuff (Upnp server (minim server) and spotify airplay. I don’t need Airplay 2 or Roon endpoint or Tidal/Quobuz service.

Before the Nova, I had an 202/HC/200 system, the Nova was clearly a step up from the older system.

The new streaming platform on the Nova is a real step up for my use ?

It will be a good improvement to move from Nova to dedicated source or preamp ?

I’ve just gone from a Nova to a NDX2 and SN2 in my main system, and the step up is significant. That won’t fit with your NAP250. Personally, I think the N272 is outdated technology, the new streamers are significantly ahead, you could wait to see if a replacement comes, but I went for the NDX2, figuring a dedicated streamer was a better “source first” route.


Yes ever since the new streamers hit my 272 has sounded broken😜 Only joking. I’d love to see an updated 272 but I’m not holding my breath. Not sure I would buy a new 272 now but a used one seems to be a good deal to me at prices I’ve seen lately.

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Hi Alex, of the options you mention, my choice would be the NDX/202. You should remember, though, that the older Naim streamers, incuding the NDX and 272, do not support Airplay. You would need to connect an Airport Express or Apple TV with an optical cable for this.
What source were you using with your 202/200? Properly set up, with the right front end, it really should sound better than a Nova.

Interesting that you upgraded from the NAC202/Hicap/NAP200 to the Nova when Mike_S went from the Nova to the Supernait2. I would echo Chris’ sentiment ; the 202/Hicap/200 is very capable if fed with a good source so it would be interesting to know what’s feeding the amps when you mentioned the 202/Hicap/200 is inferior to the Nova.

The NAC202 will respond well to quality DACs. I went from Musical Fidelity M1 DAC to Chord QBD76 DAC on the 202 and the difference is night and day. NDX/202 should be very capable.

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The nac 202/200 was a very capable system. It was fed by an auralic mini as source , firstly bare then with old audiomat dac and later (for some test) with chord Hugo. The sound was very révélant and pleasant but it lacks the attack and the overall sound of naim source. The starting point was “source first” and I would go to Naim for it.

The 202 was a good preamp but you really need to add hicap and napsc to open it. The overall presentation was too bright for me and lacking dimensional spaces.
The nap 200 was really a lovely amp. It’s work superb with some speaker (and can still live with it ) but my Dynaudio ( same as special 25 in bigger cabinet with esotar 330d tweeter) really need power. The regulated amp, like 250, is really a good step up with it.

Now price have dropped down an it could be a good opportunity to rethink my system

The NDX/202 will in my experience provide for a better musical experience.

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…agreed, but as the OP has a 250, a 282 would really be better as part of a well balanced system.

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Chris - yes absolutely, but I’m always reluctant to spend other people’s money for them!

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For sure the 282 would be a great upgrade but at a cost…and without a source at his level. Not an option for me.

I was thinking that 272 and ndx have AirPlay capability, is that true ?

I want an easy setup to use, the Nova do the job well. What do you think about the 272 ? An about the ndx/202 with automation (can it be playable with my smartphone ?

If you get a 272 don’t add the other brand of power supply. From experience it does very strange things to the 272’s admirable musical coherence.


Only the new streamers have Airplay. If you want to add it to the old models such as 272 or NDX you would need to use an Airport Express connected with an optical cable.
NDX/202 can be controlled with the Naim app, and with system automation set up, you can control the volume too. To my ears, this sounds considerably better than a 272 without a separate power supply.

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