Choices, choices…… tweak or upgrade?

Faced with a Naim dilemma…. not for the first time either.

How best to update/upgrade/‘progress’ my NAC272/XPS DR/NAP 250 3 box system without increasing the number of black boxes?

Choices appear to be swap out 272 & 250 for the SN3 and NDX 2 or update standard interconnect and Chord Epic Reference speaker cables to Super Lumina? Apparently, if not unsurprisingly, a full SL loom exceeds the sum of individual SL components?

Any thoughts /clarity welcome and apologies for returning to this subject again.


SN3/NDX2/XPSDR is certainly an option. If the itch isn’t too bad, you could also consider waiting for the now-inevitable 272 successor (and keep running it with the XPSDR and 250)

I’d certainly invest the money in boxes and not in (inevitably overpriced) cables first.

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SN3 / NDX2 / 555PS DR

This is the way to go only if you need the new streaming platform and want to keep 3 boxes. Otherwise just swap the XPS DR for the 555DR (and maybe get the DR upgrade for the 250)

If you keep it as it is, try the interconnects to see if it is worth spending the money. Full SL Loom and Powerlines for this system feels a bit over the top. If you included speaker cables and DIN interconnects, it will probaby set you back around 12k…Not worth in my opinion.

Yeah I had deleted my post in the same moment. Confused by all these boxes

Stretching the box count to 4 (seeing you have a Fraim) would open another range of options…

If you’re restricted to 3 Naim boxes (not such a bad thing) then as others have mentioned, you could look at the NDX2 / SN3 combo (Staying with XPS or looking at the 555PS option).
I do wonder (great as the NDX2 and SN3 are) if this would be more of a sideways move than a true step up over the 272/250 though.
It can’t be long now before a 272 replacement breaks cover so it may be worth waiting a bit longer and then demoing the various options to make sure you’re heading the right way.

I would bit the bullet and go ahead with the NDX 2 with your XPS DR then add the HiCapDR with the NAC 282 w/NAPSC to your 250DR. Then when (if) the the updated version of the 272 arrives you can trade in you NDX 2, HiCapDR and NAC 282 w/NAPSC. Hopefully a temporary increase in boxes but at least you would keep the base components of your system in place.

Good luck with your decision.

After Clare’s latest posts on this, I don’t think an “if” remains. And while your proposal makes for a great system, it would incur a loss of a few thousand pounds.

And in the worst case for potentially only a few months if the 272 successor arrives next year (though that’s admittedly still a big if)

I’d go 555PS and call it good until the 272 replacement comes out. :smiley:

Or 252, Supercap DR, 250DR, NDX2 with XPSDR.

Only 5 boxes! If you go 282 you end with Napsc as well. So 6. Can hide the Napsc under the rack.

Supernait 3, NDX2, XPSDR/ 555PS/ 555DRPS keeps it to three and is a sideways move from 272 250 XPSDR.

Or keep the 272 and go for 300 or 300DR with XPSDR or 555PS or 555DRPS. 4 box solution.

Statement might be an option


…a few years ago a former Managing Director hinted a replacement was on the horizon… and it has been a lot sunrises since then.

I don’t know how you can predict a loss of a ‘few thousand pounds.’ The release could be ten years from now. :wink:

I know that statement, “a few years ago” would be something like at the beginning of the pandemic or so. (The 272 came out only in 2015). And true, since then there was not really a doubt that it would come, but the pandemic got in the way. But any possibly still lingering doubt about the “if” was removed by Clare just a few weeks ago. The “when” remains a question though, given the pandemic and what seems to be some worrying issues in UK.

And I know you’re being facetious, but no it won’t be 10 years. If it is indeed, the OP won’t have reached his 3 box goal. If it’s in a year, he would have to sell an NDX2 and 282 at something like 40% loss.

I mean, it’s a valid choice, but the OP should make it after considering the consequences. Most likely, that he can kiss his 3 box idea goodbye forever. Are you a Naim brand ambassador? :wink:

Since the electronics shortages and other logistic problems are expected to continue until mid / late 2022, it is perhaps not likely to expect a 272 successor before 2nd or 3rd quarter 2023?

Dunno if that would be considered soon enough or not for some…

Sure, completely unknown, but it won’t be 10 years. In 2023, that’s still around 4K loss for 2 years of not having the desired 3 box system. Though a fine system it would be

Or it may be out at the end of the year. You don’t know, nor does anyone else speculating.

Yea it’s pure speculation ofcourse, i’m trying to make an educated guess but i could be way off…

In the interest of the OP making the most educated choice, it is good to point out that choosing to wait for the successor does come with the risk that it could be two years or more

The Supernait won’t be as good as the 250 at driving the PMCs. If you are happy with the functionality of the 272 I’d be getting a 555DR in place of the XPS. It’s a very significant upgrade and far greater than Super Lumina.

I swapped from 272/555/300 to NDX2/555/SN3 about a year ago and I find it a lot more musical and engaging. But I also changed speakers at the same time, to something that better matched the SN3. It depends what you are looking for really.


Or never. Or in a new style case that doesn’t match the rest.

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