Chopping powerline cables

Henley blocks, not block. :joy:

They’re power cables. Don’t worry about it. Zigzagged over cable lifts if it keeps you up at night but… nope, I’ll stick with “They’re power cables. Don’t worry about it”

There speaker cables…don’t worry about it
There ethernet cables … don’t worry about it

Where will it all end???

Dear All,

Thank you for your thoughts

Mike B:-My sockets are also “Logic Plus” but I would consider replacing them if I received cogent opinions that Crabtree were better for SQ than MK. I have not seen this so far.
Jason6930:-I would appreciate clarification as to why I would be considering putting 2 x 10 sqmm cables into any of the terminals on the sockets. As for Naim using Crabtree plugs, I would have thought they use Naim plugs… I may contact MK and ask where my free extinguishers are!

IIRC it was Crabtree whose UK spec plugs and sockets Naim used to recommend. However, quality dropped and the old style plugs and sockets became unavailable, so the next best option was MK. AFAIK, this also gave impetus to the plan to introduce the Powerline Lite with its own lower cost version of the Powerline mains plug.

Crabtree went through a series of owners & eventually fizzled out when the Walsall factory closed in late 1990’s.
As I understand it the brand name was acquired - not sure when - by an Indian consortium. Product is being made under that name in India & South Africa. The sockets are not the same designs from the old UK company, all have been redesigned to incorporate the variations of the UK stnd & other combinations that are used in India, Africa & other far-east markets. They did not choose to make the 13A plug

Thanks Mike.

At one time I enquired through my dealer if Naim would supply an extra long mains cable. The answer was NO as the standard length is optimised. I got round it by rethinking my cable routings.


I run Nordost power cables - who themselves recommend using 2 metres. Although all Nordost dealers allow you to order from 1 metre and beyond. I enquired about this and was told the 2 metres optimise the electric field propagation and resistance specific to that cable.
I don’t have a particularly high end system, so didn’t sweat it , ordered 1 metre cables and saved a small fortune.
I think the more major concern is people buying longer runs, chopping them and doubling up from the relatively lower cost of plug parts.

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I’m pretty sure Naim used Marbo plugs at one point. I feel sure these plugs came fitted on some past Naim gears…

Might be so, not seen them myself or maybe better said I’ve not noticed. In those days we weren’t so picky about plugs & power leads

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I’m glad Naim have now introduced their own power cables. I just plug in and forget. Life’s too short, let alone the cables. Leave as is and enjoy the music.


Sensible post - not many would take the lid off and change a few components, but many change cords. I never understand why when Naim supplies a purpose made quality lead.

With other manufacturers they often seem to supply a cheap power cord expecting an owner to replace it, but Naim is different in that respect.

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Naim always supplied cables that they had chosen as sounding particularly good, rather than just any old cable. Some of my favourites were the ones that used the old Pirelli cable, now sadly long discontinued.


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