Chord cables?

Hi Cohen, this is where personal preference of replay kicks in, and tbh. having tried TA at my previous abode I can’t really say I took to them. I suppose the full loom of SL suits these old ears and found the biggest VFM gain to be my acoustic room treatment. No rights or wrongs we’re all different :+1:t3: Enjoy Peter


Chord Epic from EE8 to ND555. These can be had at a good discount if you shop around.


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Chord Shawline to connect Blusound Node 2021 to nDAC. Interestingly I first tried the cheaper Chord Clearway and then tried a friend’s Shawline and the latter was appreciably better. Thankfully I was still within the return window for the Clearway.


Yes PeterR you and I obviously prefer a slightly different sound but Chord Music is much better sounding than SarumT ( sadly as the disparity in price is significant). Happy listening to your equally excellent system.


I tried the hiline but didn’t liked, found the Chord signature more open, organic and refined. No complaints for the Prat.
Some say the Audioquest diamond Ethernet are better vs the signature tuned array. Would go for signature t but too expensive, I need 3. So will stay with my diamonds.

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Chord shawline for me from both my Bluesound node and my Rega aria, Good quality cables with solid connections at a sensible price. Very happy with mine.


I was always a bit of a cable sceptic being brought up with the Naim view that the stock cables were best for Naim equipment.

Now have full Chord throughout the system. Chord Music on source and Sarum T on rest of the system apart from the burndys. Sarum speaker cable did a lot for DBLs.

I listened to a full Superlumina loom at a dealers but didn’t like it.

Had home demo between highline, Chord Sarum T and Chord Music. I was hoping that Chord Music wasn’t going to be a big difference to Sarum T. But it was a big difference.

Plan to upgrade to full Chord Music when funds allow.


Yeah OK, but in my book interconnects are short things, a meter or two at most, mine are cables!

Actually, I’m not sure Chord sell balanced cables. It’s not very clear on their website, but the last time I looked there wasn’t an obvious offering. Perhaps they’d make a custom cable for me, but I’d rather not have to sell the car to pay for it.


I have almost a full Chord Music loom. 2 Din/xlr for my 52sc-550dr, RCA’s from SUT to Phonopre, RCA>Din from phono and streamer. Music Speaker cable. I swapped many cables in between the SUT and Ypsilon VPS100. The Music beat Valhalla 2, Analysis Plus oval, Cardas’ Golden Reference and Clear. Every other cable had some trade off, the Music did everything to my liking. I also had a full SL loom before I tried Chord, again, was not even close.


Chord Shawline speaker cable, power cables and digital cable .

I think they sound good and represent good value for money

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Currently dabbling with chord clearway x speaker cables terminated with chord ohmic banana plugs to compare with NACA5. So far so good.

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My experience is that speakers cables tend to be speaker dependent, to that end I’ve been using Chord Odyssey with first my Dyn Contours and then Kudos for many years. I’ve tried Naca 5 as an alternative but to my ears the Odyssey is just more fluid and I wasn’t quite convinced of the bass with the Naim. However between the electronics I’ve tried various Chord wires and good they undoubtedly are but Naim’s own wires just seem more organic.




Use Epic in an olive system, and Music in 500 series system. Both work well. Speaker cables and interconnects I found to be one of the toughest choices in this journey, but for me Chord won though vs extensive listening tests against the usual suspects. Less “hi-fi” than others maybe, but super engaging.


USA based “guinea pig” when the original Sarum project started 10(?) years ago.

Started with the original Sarum (with several growing pains), then to Super Sarum (the predecessor to the T version) and then some of the very first Music cables.

Currently running Music between my Rossini/KDS to 552 and Urika to 552. Super Sarum (not T) XLR’s on the 500. Finally Sarum T interconnect on my stand alone headphone systems.



I used Chord Oydessey cable with on my speakers for 15 years - lovely speaker level only bettered recently IMO by new Kudos cable

also have Chord Shawline on my LP12 RCA to Din - which is a lovely netural cable with plenty of detail - I will be looking to uprgade to Signuture in 2022 when Deck is up gradeded

on another note - I am a big fan of the new Ground array


A lot of people seem to like Odyssey. I tried it once and it made the music really boring and uninvolving. Neat, tidy, organised, but ultimately boring.

Some of their cables have worked well for us, some have not. Trust your ears.

I’ve tried chord cables of various sorts, their interconnects and their expensive speaker cables. They’re well constructed and look nice, work well but Naim cables work better in my experience. Also cheaper to stick with Naim OEM stuff. It’s spending money for the sake of it otherwise.

I used to have Chord Epic RCA interconnects between Naim NDX2 and Accuphase integrated and was pretty OK with them. Recently upgraded to Chord Indigo Tuned ARAY, for me they sound much better.

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