Chord Company Signature Digital Coax vs Sarum T

Greetings- I’m currently using the Chord Company Signature Super ARAY Digital Coax Cable and I have chance to purchase a Sarum T for pennies on the dollar. Is the upgrade worthwhile?

Not helpful, but only you can answer that.

Neilb1906, Thanks. I see you’re using a CXC Transport. Are you utilizing a digital cable?

Yes, an Atlas Hyper DD RCA to BNC.

Not tried them in coax configuration but I’ve always found Sarum T to be a notable leap ahead of Signature. If the price is right, I’d say go for it.

I’m thinking about upgrading my Super aray to Sarum T but I’m not able to understand how big of a difference the move is. Might borrow a new one from a store to verify.

If you can borrow one with a few hundred hours on it, you’ll get a clear view of the differences.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll make the purchase.

I use Sarum T 5 pin din:din from nd555 to 552
I recently compared to hiline.
I prefer the Chord cable over this hiline. A bit more fullness and body to the music compared to the Hiline.
That said, if in your shoes I would save the $ for your ND555 fund.:wink:
In past I preferred the standard Lavender to hiline ( sorry off main topic)

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