Chord DAC as preamp?

Well, it does seem logical …

It won’t stop me trying both configurations if I’m ever in a position to try, but the logic and overwhelming feedback is in favor of the complete pair.

Even as a temp solution, I’m not sure the TT2 makes sens (as a preamp).


@PascalDS I Have a TT2/Mscaler combo with a 282,HCdr and NonDR 250 into Neat Ultimatum XLS’s. I tried to run the TT2 as a pre into my 250, hoping I could downsize a bit, but unfortunately it was not for me. The resolution was there but in the end, it was a bit of a lifeless experience for me. I really wanted to like it, but just couldn’t.

I use a Chord Dave direct into a 250DR, and it works fine. Using it via my 282 sounded a little different rather than better or worse, so I sold the 282 and decluttered my rack.
I tried the same thing with my old Hugo, and while it still worked, it didn’t sound so good. Not sure about the TT2, but you have nothing to lose by trying and if it allows you to run a 250DR instead of a Supernait as power amp, your speakers will like that.
To try this, you would need to get hold of a suitably wired RCA to 4-pin DIN lead, or RCA to XLR for the 250.

Thank you @InTune that’s very useful.

I’d love to but don’t have both at hand to try. Thanks for the instructions, I’ll keep them handy when the time comes. Cheers.

Chris the TT and TT2 are very different devices. The former being based around the Hugo, the TT2 is a different design and sounds and performs quite differently.

Thanks Simon, I have very little experience of either TT or TT2, but have edited my post to avoid any confusion.

I was same prefferred running dave In to my nac282

Remember with your sn3 am sure you can switch it to poweramp only and try out either with pre or no-pre in the chain and see which you prefer sound wise

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Yes, that seems like the best option to me too. But I’ll try both. Thanks for your input. Cheers

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