Chord Dave - crossfeed affecting all outputs

As I know that they are many Dave users here, I wanted to share this usefull info that Chord confirmed me this morning.
The crossfeed setting in “headpone mode” is affecting all analog outputs and is active even for “dac” or “preamp” mode after. You have to plug a jack to activate the headphone mode to check it, mine was factory set to level 2. The manual says the opposite, Chord will update it.

The manual or the software?

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Does this apply to a Hugo TT2 I wonder?

You’d hope someone would have noticed - can’t be doing much for the stereo imaging!

I’m quite sure it doesn’t on the TT2. When you go from headphones to amp the changes made to HP settings stays with HP settings and changes to amp settings does not alter HP settings.

Can you enable crossfeed on amp?

But on the Dave, volume setting change to last saved position when you plugged headphones in. You have no way to know Crossfeed was even active if you never used the headphones. The option only shows once headphones are plugged in. Rob Watts admitted it was a mistake that was found too late but he said he actually uses Crossfeed with some speaker setups, so never bothered to change. I guess they’re updating the manual is all.

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I think I recall RW mentioning that on Head Fi.

I thought something was broken on my system once but I realised I must have accidentally pressed the CF button instead on the remote at some point. Didn’t like it at all on speakers. Rarely use it with headphones as well.

And to think Naim gets flack for possible tiny changes in component timing/load through firmware updates having a possible, tiny, unproven side-effect on sound :joy:

Update the manual

That was exactly my case, not a headphone user here (not even owning one at the moment), a comment on YT mentioned this bug or let’s say functionality. So I checked by plugging a jack extension cord and discovered that the crossfeed was enabled :unamused:.
It’s far more better with the crossfeed disabled on my stereo.

How cheeky.

This kind of fits with the general ethos, which might be politely described as arrogant and careless. We can all have our views on the looks - all a bit Chad Valley/V-Tech for me - but the user interface is full on awful. Designed by people who really have no idea that a thing can be user friendly.

The first time I used Headphone mode on my TT2 I was horrified to discover the default volume set at a level that would have blown both my ears and the Naim amplification sky high had it been retained when I moved back to Amp and DAC mode (or indeed had the headphones on my ears when I switched mode). I had to triple check that it was retaining the new volume level before trusting it in any mode after that.


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