Chord Epic X Speaker cable

Anyone who has the new version of the Epic cable yet? Can’t find too many things online yet.
Especially no comparisons to other cables.

I’ve got it. 4 lengths of 5m. I bi amp my Po MC 20-26’s.
Bought may not as I bought some chord epic interconnects and liked their transparency over my previous ICs.
Much clearer top, almost too clear. Bass is tight and controlled, perhaps not as low as my previous qed whatevers.
Mine were factory made. Don’t know how they compare to the old version though.

What’s the source and amp that you use these cables with?
How long did it take before they were properly run in?

ND5xs2 into qutest, or cd5si or Michell gyro SE into Trichord Dino.
Pre amp is MF nu vista.
Power amps, MF A300cr driving bass, xa-s100 driving mid and top.
Burn in took some weeks. Not convinced it’s finished yet. I’ve had them 2 months?

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I heard the Epic X vs the Epic vs Shawline X vs… at the Chord demo at the Whittlebury hifi show last year.
Good things -

  • every upgrade was noticeably better, including Epic to Epic X (I have Epic so that was annoying)
  • the choice of music was cool

Bad things

  • I didn’t care much for the rest of the system which included Mark Levinson amps and Boenicke speakers
  • I was about the only person in the room who didn’t win a prize.
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I don’t know if it can serve as a reference, I hope, but I have the Epic References, which are the ones that replace the Epic Xs (the only change in the cables is the new dielectric, kind of a new material patented by Chord; and I do not know to what degree it can affect the character of the cable and the sound).

I had them during 6 years, and until very recently with NDX2>>MF Nuvista 600 Integrated Amplifier>>ProAc K6. IMHO, a fantastic cable with some weakness in the treble, which is compressed substantially to open in mids and basses; the run in time, I imagine quite similar in both models, about 100 hours at 95%, about 200 hours full.

Currently I’ve upgraded them to TQ Silver Diamond…

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