Chord Hugo TT2 as headphone amp?

However on a good system with the mscalar, you may well find the magic disappears on all settings other than option 1, which Chord themselves refer to as the ‘absolute reference’ standard. I certainly do.

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I agree, I don’t even bother with any filters myself.

I am not sure it works like that… these are digital filters, the mscalar brings greater high end definition and transient detail/performance.
The filters 2 and 4 introduce filtering above the audio band and in the limit reduce transient performance. However in some hidef material (eg 88.2/24 or 96/24 ) there is ultrasonic content that can introduce intermodulation artefacts (sums and product frequencies) in speakers, electronics etc… so filter setting 2 and 4 will filter this ultrasonic info as well as the transient response and reduce the tendency of intermodulation distortion if your system suffers from it.

Filter setting 3 and 4 would be the settings to reduce any HF audio band noise (in the digital domain) if you had present.

I took most of the descriptions from the TT2 manual. Personally, I rarely use anything other than 1.

I have tried others briefly but prefer 1. Before I used the power bank to isolate the M Scaler I would occasionally use 2 if the track sounded a little edgy.

If I recall correctly, I think Rob Watts sort of recommended Filter 2 for all HiDef… but not sure if that was before or after he started using Wave cables and Power Banks etc

Chord Descriptions below

FILTER: The Hugo TT 2 has the ability to alter the way in which it processes and filters the incoming audio data, which, in turn, has a multi-faceted effect on the presentation of audio. These modes can be especially useful with DSD recordings.

FIL1 – Incisive neutral: the default filtering characteristic; the absolute reference.

FIL2 – Incisive neutral with
HF roll-off: contains the
same fundamental filtering characteristics of FIL1, however, the HF filter is intended to remove the HF noise from HD (88.2 to 768 kHz) recordings.

FIL3 – Warm: a secondary filtering characteristic for the Hugo TT 2 with a subtle warming tonality.

FIL4 – Warm with HF roll-off:

contains the same fundamental filtering characteristics of FIL3, however, the HF filter is intended to remove the HF noise from HD (88.2 to 768 kHz) recordings.

Yes, this has nothing to with RFI, Wave Cables etc etc… this is to do with noise in the HD encoding (the PCM) within the media itself that is above the audio band. This noise, although not audible, can cause very low level sums and products frequencies (intermodulation distortion) that can smear or reduce detail in electronics that are not expecting these frequencies.

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Gotya :+1:t2:… always happy to learn more about these things!

I think most people inevitably settle on Filter 1. When I had the Qutest, filter 2 was used more but not with the TT2.

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hi folks,

one last thing before i disappear (bit out of my depth here!) . . .

connectivity. i’ve spoken to a few dealers about how to connect my cdx2.2 to hugo tt 2. essentially i’ve asked how i can do this, and if there are multiple options, which one would provide best results. interestingly i’ve had conflicting advice. i shall mention no names !

i myself think it can only be bnc to bnc. but of course could be totally wrong. dont even know what bnc is. ha ha.

one shop told me bnc into usb, as usb offers highest definition. apparently a cable can be custom made ? to me this doesnt make much sense. i conceive it as a hose pipe analogy ie a cable cant make a trickle a torrent (in the old fashioned sense). but heh, again, i’ve no idea. exactly why i value this forum.

one person - from a very well known outlet -told me i need bnc to 3.5 jack. eh? even i was left scratching my head at this one as hugo doesnt have that input.

wow. no wonder i’m confused.

whilst skimming through related online material i’ve noticed dual bnc input. is this from one source or does it mean 2 separate sources? which reminds me of another vitally important question : is hugo tt 2 limited to just one input source or can i have say a cd player and streamer running into it simultaneously?

and lastly, please can you advise me on a range of cables (budget/mid/high-end) that i might wish to consider.

oof! no wonder i’m confused. once again, forgive my ignorance in these matters. i play piano . . . and cds !!!

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Correct it is. BNC is a coax interlocking connector suitable for high frequency electrical signals. Look for a 75 ohm SPDIF BNC to BNC connector, and connect between your CDX2.2 and one of your TT2 BNC inputs.
Naim provide such a cable called the DC1 and there are many other alternate offerings online. All nice and straightforward :grinning:

thank you. i was going to leave til next year but have decided to treat myself to one for christmas . . . all this talk got me drooling. appreciate your help. all the best :notes::+1:


Bought my TT2 with zero intention of using the headphone amp because of my tinnitus. Mrs. H. is so taken with both streaming and the Innuos/Chord combo that she’s taken to coffee, headphones, music and podcasts. I had a quick listen in and… inarguably stunning.

Given my amp/speakers mismatch we currently use filter 3. However, we also found we preferred that at a long demo session using a Supernait 3 and PMC speakers. I’ve much to tweak but at some point I will experiment with filters.

In the meantime, heartily recommended.


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