Chord Hugo - which interconnect for USB->micro-USB

I’ve been having fun of my Chord Hugo for a couple of years now. Lately my USB->micro-USB cable has become very loose. Having searched the forum for quite a bit I can’ t seem to find consensus on which cable would be best.
What is the forums opinion on a decent cable that fits the Hugo?

Very timely question for me as well. Planning to upgrade from Hugo 1 to 2 and so thinking about a new Audioquest Cinnamon USB, but interested in collective wisdom of the forum…

I bought a Silver Dragon USB Cable from Moon Audio in the US a couple of years ago, I think it cost around 210 USD at the time.

Not a Hugo in my case rather a Mojo which I use at work and with a Poly on the move. I use a 30cm Anker Powerline +. I tried a few different ones like Wireworld and Audioquest, I didn’t feel they made enough of a significant difference or improvement over the Anker one which is very short and to my mind it’s the length of the cable that effects the sound more than the cable construction. They’re about £7 so worth a try to see if you like it, if not go spend the big bucks on the Wireworld one!

Curious Cables from Australia makes a good one called the Hugo Link.

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I once used Vertere D-FI V2 USB cable. Price was £117 in 2014.

Any which is USB-IF certified from a trusted brand.

Forget ‘special’ audio USB cables. Save your cash.

If you’re worried about RF noise then use an Intona USB Isolator or use optical instead.

This is not just my advice, it is also the advice of the Hugo designer, Rob Watts.


I have an Audioquest Cinnamon USB which I originally bought for Hugo2 connectivity. Like quite a few audio USB cables it is stiff to ‘flex’ and so puts a physical load, especially on the micro USB, on the connecting sockets. This is OK for a fixed position, but not good if mobile, or frequently moved.

I also had a Mojo which consequently suffered a loose micro USB socket which led to signal dropouts.

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