Chord interconnects comparison

I went to my local hifi dealer, to get new interconnects between dac and SN3.
I have used Van den Hul d102 hybrid mkiii for many years.
I was curios how Chord Clearway would compare.
So we started to listen between the two.
Soon Shawline also was connected.
And finally Epic as well.
All Cord cables had clearer details than Van den Hul. And better imaging.
But, Clearway, which was good with details, sounded rather thin.
Shawline had a distinctively fuller sound as did Epic.
Epic did sound a bit better than Shawline to my ears.
For me, Shawline is the most value for money, but I finally went for Epic. Got a good deal…
We listened through a SN3.


Ive used Chord interconnects for many years, started off with the Cadenza and Chorus Reference into my SN2 then then upgraded to a pair of Anthem Reference’s with each upgrade bringing sound quality improvements.
When I upgraded my SN2 to SN3, I moved the SN2 and the cables and built a second system and bought all new Chord Epic interconnects for the SN3 and very pleased with their sound quality.
Last year I upgraded my streamer to a Lumin P1 and pushed the boat out and bought Chord Signature interconnects for it into the SN3 and was impressed with SQ improvement over the Epic.
A few months ago I upgraded the SN3 to use the Lumin P1 in pre-amp mode and bought a Lumin Power Amp to match with it so bought Chord Signature XLR interconnects for it which I am also very pleased with the sound quality.
My experience with Chord cables had been excellent and the SQ improves each time you move up the range either for interconnects or speaker cable as I run Chord Epic speaker cable on my second system and Chord Signature Reference speaker cable on my main system.
I highly recommend Chord cables.


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