Chord Mojo Hmmmm!

I have been lent a Chord Mojo to try out in my headphone listening setup, Having read all the good press and comments from users on other forums, all its awards I was expecting something special. Instead I am hearing the most boring presentation I have heard in years. It lacks any musicality and is as flat as a pancake. It really has taken all the fun out of everything so far. My Ifi Nano and AudioQuest Dragonfly Black are far more enjoyable than this at much less outlay. At least I can thank the person who was kind enough to loan it me for saving me some money.

Anybody else felt the Mojo to well… not have any or is it just me.

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The Mojo is a bit chalk and cheese you either love it or hate it.

I have both the dragonfly black ans the mojo. I like the mojo feeding my nac72/140 setup. The mojo is definitely not polite or lifeless in this situation. Smooth would be a better word to describe it.

The dragonfly black is very good but not as refined as the mojo. The dragonfly has more a Naim signature I.m.o.

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I have a Mojo/Poly as well as an iFi Nano and Micro iDSD.
I use it with different headphones as well as at home and out and about but mostly on the move. I originally bought all of them for portable use at different points in time, The Micro iDSD is very capable but was a bit bulky for carrying about, the Poly/Mojo has got better over time in terms of software and ease of use and I like it supports Roon and has a fairly easy to use Radio feature.
I wouldn’t call it flat sounding personally, it may be worth a little trial and error with different headphones, I found it did require an above average level of patience to setup and use however. Not for fans of plug and play products

I’ve been very happy with my headphones Meze 99 Classics and Shure SE425 so not changing them, have to find and DAC/amp I like with them.

Interesting sat at lunch with a Cyrus Soundkey and USB Pro sounds good, my Sony WH1003 wireless used 5 times and stowed.

I was looking at the Mojo expecting big results but only went the Cyrus as was £54, but 3 mths of Qobuz, so I bought it for the latter.

Dont you just hate it when the raved products turn out to be pants

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If we all liked the same things then the world would be boring. In the end you have to try it and judge then. I was surprised though as it’s not that much of a leap of at all to my tastes much cheaper kit. One thing it’s out me off listening to any more Chord products.

Don’t let it put you off. I found the Mojo disappointing, but found the Qutest to be quite delightful. Next stop is a Hugo TT2…

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I found a standard Hugo 1 and easy match for my naim NDS
Slight difference in price!!
The Hugo and Qutest are bargains

Just ordered AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt today to give that a go after some recommendations from the guy who lent me the Mojo to try out, he has the same impressions as me on the Mojo and he just got one and loves it, so I think I might like this one. :smile:

I have a mojo, an updated Oppo HA-2 and a dragon fly red. Using each with Oppo pm3 headphones and an iPad to listen to tidal HiFi, I find the mojo to be the most insightful, rhythmic and enjoyable.

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Still not getting the Mojo. Tried some of my favourite songs and they are just not right. I guess it’s not a good bedfellow for the Mezes but others have the same combo and love it.

What’s the source for the mojo ?

Tried several. But the main one is a fanless NUC thin client running Roons ROCK operating system. Used my phone as well still the same.

Also tried it with my Shure IEMs and felt much the same. It’s just not for my tastes.

I used a jitterbug with the mojo

Also benefits from a good usb cable and putting the phone into airplane mode. I also use vertere interconnects for my mojo

For me the mojo is the best hi fi kit ever in value for money basis. I also own audioquest dragonfly red but the mojo walks all over it.

Something is wrong here…try another mojo

Are you using an android. If so use the UAPP app otherwise android resamples to 48khz


It’s on loan from somebody I know not a retailer so cant get another, it’s not faulty I just don’t like its sound signature and find it unengaging . I don’t have to use expensive leads or purifiers for my other two DACs to sound better to me. I use UAPP all the time on my phone and this is what I tested it with.

Well an nuc is not an ideal source for a mojo as it lacks galvanic isolation

Ok you just saved yourself some cash

For me the mojo should be given the award for the best and most advanced hi fi product ever created in terms of sheer Musical enjoyment AND portability

I think the dragonfly is ok when the mojo battery runs out… no way is it in the same league as a Chord Dac

But yes the dragonfly sounds Much better on iPhones than androids

The cheap OTG cable on androids can ruin the music too… as well as cheap usb cables.

But …

it isn’t for you as you said

Well I must admit to given mine the best chance I could, running it from the USB output of my Melco but it didn’t do it for me. It’s a nice DAC at a good price. I’m sure most would find it’s a good upgrade on the headphone output of a mobile phone.