Chord Music BNC from Uniti Cord to ND555

I was thinking of adding a Chord Music BNC cable from the core to the ND555. Currently have a decent Ethernet cable connected. Curious if I run a BNC from the core to the ND555, would I have to disconnect the ethernet cable for playback or could I leave that connected for connection to the internet for data from the discs when ripping?

You will need to keep both boxes connected to your network or they won’t work. In the case if the streamer that could be either wired or WiFi, but the Core will need a cable.

From what i remember the main difference is you have to go to the Core in the Naim app and play from there rather than the ND555 and choose a server. I cannot remember about the ethernet connection, though i would assume you should leave connected. You would also need to configure the nd555 input for that bnc digital connection in the app.

Without a network connection the app will not be able to see either device, so you won’t be able to use them.

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Why ?

I’ve had the opportunity to compare Ethernet and BNC Chord Music cables into my ND555. I found the BNC cable had more “drive” on the leading edge of the note. The Ethernet was more “rounded” and delivered a more relaxed presentation. Both are very good, it all depends on your system/speakers/room and how you like your sound. One thing to consider, the ND555 was designed to sound best with the network connection and I consider it my preferred digital input.

You will use your Core in the Naim app to select albums. Not a big deal, you have to switch over to the ND555 for streaming apps like Qobuz or Internet Radio.

I know many say that “it’s just an Ethernet cable”, but the Chord Music cable truly blew me away when I heard it. I’d say either digital cable is a must for getting the best performance from the ND555.


My goal would be to keep the ND555 connected hard wired to the router and have the BNC for playback from the Uniti Core to the ND555. I’ve just always been so impressed with the Chord Music range and saw one discounted so thought if it worked, I would try it as the connection from the Core to the ND555.

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Ah I see. I’d suggest another approach would be just to keep using the ND555 via Ethernet and try something like the Innuos PhoenixNET switch in the final run to the ND555. You could still use a Chord Music streaming cable between PhoenixNET and ND555.

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Heard the Sarum T BNC cable from core to chord Dave - easily worth the money

I’ve been doing some more reading on this. If done correctly, I think I would leave the ethernet cable from the Core still going into the same router as the ND555. Run the BNC cable from the Core to the ND555 BNC input, play music via the naim app for the core?

I’m interested in this too. Though, whenever I’ve suggested this to my dealer, he has been adamant about sticking with Ethernet rather than the BNC. I’ve wondered about using the Naim BNC leads, but would need to move the Core closer to my NDX2. Then there is the matter of the Chord GroundArray plugged into the BNC plug on the NDX2….

I’ve tried BNC from my old UnitiServe and I couldn’t tell the difference between that and the network connection.

In what way was it different? Was it night and day?

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Sorry I meant to I couldn’t, I’ll edit.

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Great, you have saved me another tweak :sunglasses::roll_eyes:

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