Chord Music Speaker links - Direction?

Just completed the Chord Music full loom with a set of Speaker Links for the Kudos Titan 808.
Anyone with these speaker links? There is no direction-arrow on them. So I get it, it doesn’t matter how you put them in place (red and black of course as on the binding posts…)?

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For the amount of money you paid for a full loom…you should not have to post on this forum imo. The dealer should install at the very least advise. I would give them a call, or call Chord…ine would hope they would expect better.

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Gazza, rest assured, my dealer is involved and will check back with Chord.

Was just firing a quick post on this. The links do sound great right out of the box compared to the original Chord Signature links, which come with the Titans originally.

The rest of the Music Cables now have nearly hundred hours of run-in on them and the system is sounding better than ever.

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Well thats good…i am thinking about following you, hence my comments…i expect the dealer ti sort it. Hope it all works out, please keep us posted on your journey.

Well, if these cables do in your system what they do in my system, you will be delighted.
Funny with cables…they never did it for me until 552, 500, Kudos Titan 808. Now they make sense, they take the presentation of music to another level. Expensive, yes, but the full loom delivers for the asked price, imho.


To close the thread:
Dealer confirmed after talking to Chord Company: the writing on the cables runs in direction of the signal - easy one…

:small_blue_diamond:It’s still strange,.that Chord doesn’t put an arrow on such an expensive cable.

Then both you and your retailer,.would have avoided this inconvenience.


All Chord Music cables show the direction, except the Speaker Links…But then it wasn’t too much a hassle. I really fancy a chat with my dealer for he is a nice chap!

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On all cables, always, the direction is marked by the writing on the cables, always running in direction of the signal; if they also have arrows, they always point in the same direction as the writing.

:red_circle: Not on Linn’s cables,.there it is against the text that applies.


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The exception that confirms the rule…?

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Also for Naim cables. My (Superlumina) rca to DiN cable has the Naim (name) running in the ‘wrong’ direction. I checked with Naim’s technical help desk and they advised that they take a sample of each new delivery and then decide which direction sounds best,

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:small_blue_diamond:Hey Richard :smiley:,.why did you delete my other information.

It is an official task here in Sweden,.which comes from Sweden’s largest Linn-retailer.
It’s good that those who have Linn-products here know this,.then they can go to their Linn-retailer and get help turning these cables right.


Not all cables are directional. On non-directional cables, initially direction doen’t matter for SQ, but it is a good measure equally to follow the rule of writing on the cables running in direction of the signal, because once placed one way or another the electrons do align and the cables start to experience directionality, so in this way, you can never go wrong.

However, Chord do listen to every Music cable before it leaves the factory, which is a nice touch.

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“Nice touch”?

Looking at Chord Music prices (e.g. 7.7K for 3.5m speaker cable) I would very much expect that they check the cable properly before it leaves the factory…

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WitchHat use a clamp on the Phantom cable that makes it easy to tell intended direction. I didn’t notice any test printed on the cable anywhere.

They check all cables irrespective of range, afaik, but I’m not aware of any other cable company that has someone who takes each cable into a listening room and plays real music through it to make sure it sounds as it should, i.e. not just pass current. I was gratified to hear that Alan Gibb, their MD, had listened to and approved my speaker cables.

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I felt it was off topic and probably breached forum rules - I.e. modifying internals.

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Speaker links that cost more than a complete hifi setup
Theres a market for everything