Chord Ohmic Transmission Fluid

Anyone been brave enough to splash out and try it yet? Plenty of snake oil comments on the WWW but I haven’t seen anything from anyone (without a commercial interest) who has actually tried it.

Not tried it, but was in the demo of the stuff at the Bristol show last January. I heard nothing that would encourage me to splash out two hundred for a bottle.

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The WFH review was laughable, as was the HiFi + writeup.

Before I start I will just say I haven’t tried it.

I’d be more inclined to take notice, if they provided any sort of resistive measurement before and after and over time?

As it is, the words poo and bull come to mind.

To be fair to Chord, they are not known as a snake oil company and we all know how audible changes are not always measurable…but this one does seem a bit “out there” !

I agree, one would assume that an increased contact area would decrease resistance in a measurable way.

Wonder what in it?

Screenshot 2020-07-05 at 13.21.19

Not announced by Chord on April 1st., by any chance? :thinking:

Maybe, but they’ll still take your money in July…

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Expensive Bbq fluid

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