Chord Placement

I have a Chord TT2 coming this week to compliment my Mscaler. I’m wondering if anyone has any opinion as to stacking them , Mscaler on bottom. Or side by side. Any one have an opinion?

Keep them as far apart as possible, just like Naim gear. Mine are two Fraim shelves apart, which allows for the Wave Storm dual BNC cables to hang freely.

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Depending on the rest of your system, it’s also worth remembering Chord’s advice that you keep their boxes away from others that use large toroidal transformers like Naim.

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My MScaler and TT 2 both have their own shelves

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Thanks everyone, side by side it will be

I have my DAVE and MScaler side by side, about 500mm space between.

The TT2 and Mscaler are quite literally designed to simply stack on top of each other.

(but obviously you can place them any way you like)

In my experience they get damned hot and the sq suffers when stacked

Easy decision to make!

That doesn’t sound like something that should be happening… perhaps it would warrant an inquiry with Chord?

My Qutest sits atop a Nakamichi Dragon, alongside a BlueSound Node 2i…

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I think they know that they both operate ‘warm’ and that they both generate RFI, it says so in the manuals, it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to tolerate. If you’re happy with how warm they get and can’t hear any difference in sound then stack them, I’ve found them better seperated.

From what I understand, the Mscaler kicks back quite a bit of noise into the mains supply. What’s been found to be a good way of dealing with this?

People stick ferrites on the SPDIF cables, which can help. You can buy eyewateringly expensive cables that are full of ferrites.
I would expect that keeping as much physical distance between the boxes as possible would be wortwhile too, as with pretty much all HiFi kit.

Wasn’t a Krisdonia battery power bank for powering the Mscaler (and breaking the mains connection) a strong recommendation at one time? Was wondering if anyone had found a good LPS that did a good job of filtering/blocking noise from the Mscaler feeding back into the mains.

I guess it depends how far you want to go. There’s also a third party mod to Dave to run it off a separate linear power supply. Personally I don’t have much appetite for all this extra stuff, but if you have the appetite for it (and trust your own ability to make unbiased judgements) go for it.

I tried the Krisdonia and didn’t like it. I have an lps on my MScaler and my TT 2. Found a big improvement on the TT 2 but wouldn’t bother again on the MScaler

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Thanks Dayjay, good to know your experience with this.

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You could make toast on the top of Dave, Mscaler runs pretty cool.