CHORD QUTES Connection with iPad or Laptop

Dear Friends,

I just purchase a new 2021 iPad which came with the new USB-C type connector. Need some advice on the connection required to play Apple Music losses above 24bit/48Khz from my new IPAD into the Chord Qutest and the outputs taken from the Qutest via RCA into the NAIM Pre AMP.

Is my connection above to play high resolution viable or I am missing some device in between or using a laptop with Chord ASIO64 driver with a Type A USB connected to the Chord Qutes is a better option to get the resolution and a clear sound?

I to have a Naim ND5 XS 2 which I am NOT able to connect the iPad too other then to use ApplePlay2 which I believe is not as good as connecting via a wired option. The From USB Type A and the back is only meant for reading DSD file form a USB drive.

The objective is to play Apple Music and also high resolution as the Chord can support this.

Thank you

@Innocent_Bystander maybe?

Sorry, I don’t use an iPad or iPhone as source, nor do I know the Qutest, so no direct experience. Bust guess is a lightning to whatever type usb socket the Qute has. I wouldn’t expect any electronics to be needed between iPad and Qutest - the original Hugo, from which it was developed, as part of its design was able to connect direct to a phone as source.

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I believe the USB-C on your iPad is a digital output so what you need is either an adapter that goes from USB-C to USB-A or a cable that does the same job I have a 2020 M1 Macbook Air that only has USB-C and use an adapter to connect it via HDMI to my TV so it’s the same principle. You may have to go into your iPad settings and select Digital out instead of either headphones or internal speakers.

It’s a nice experiment to try the iPad/Qutest against the ND5XS2 if it where an older iPad I’d say that the ND5XS2 would win hands down but the new M1 chip if that’s what your iPad has is supposed to be much better with Audio so maybe it will make the experiment much more intersesting.

@Bobthebuilder seems to have it correct. Or if you went via IB’s post, you could go USB-C to Micro-USB cable. Amazon has hundreds to choose from.

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