Chord s6 ground

Probably a very silly question but what’s the purpose of the ground connection on Chord S6 and how/where is it connected?

It’s to help you sort out grounding issues in your system. Eg I have a Yamaha dvd player used as a cd transport that is live/neutral only. If you touch the casework you can feel (I think it’s called) earth leakage current. Perfectly normal. You often get it when charging iPads and phones for example. Anyway, connecting the Yamaha casework to such a grounding point eliminates it completely.


Thanks Robert. Any benefits in connecting Nac252 to the grounding point?

No, I suspect not for a 252, as it will be powered from a supercap.
It’s more likely to be used for sources or if you have a wayward subwoofer.

Also grounding is normally sorted through DIN connections from naim source to naim preamp.

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Well it also can be used to provide ground to the block itself in cases where the mains outlet has no earth.

These screw pins are standard on most cheap earthed blocks in countries where it is common for there to be no earth at all to mains sockets and just a couple earth pins near the washing machine or fridge.

I actually run 20m of earth from a terminal in the kitchen, through several rooms along the skirting board to a distribution block’s screw terminal. That block plugs into two pin unearthed mains and my Naim UQ2 plugs into that block. So depending on context that pin provides either earth in or out. The vast majority of users in Japan have to earth hifi (if it requires it, most domestic brands don’t) using the method I described. And Chord is very popular in Japan. Nearly ubiquitous I’d say.

In sweden and believe most EU countries that way of bringing ground to a non grounded room is strictly forbidden. Just saying since it would compromise insurance and in some cases your house and life if done wrong.

Of course, it is up to the user to ensure that they use anything in accordance with the regulations of the country they live in.

Which will vary considerably.

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