Chord Sarum Super ARAY DIN-XLR IC

Hi, I am thinking about an upgrade for the standard IC between my NAC 552 and NAP 500. Did anyone made good experience with the Sarum Super ARAY? Sometimes I notice opinions that the standard cables are probably good and some go back to the standard after upgrading even to SL. Because the Sarum Super ARAY is preloved I have no possibility to get a demo. I am looking forward to your experience!

Thanks in advance.

I’m a long time user of Sarum Super Array IC’s. IMO it would make a noticeable improvement over even the SL. DIN IC’s that would be even better are the ChordMusic and the Ansuz DIN cables. I just upgraded from an SL between my ND555 and an SN3 to an Ansuz A2 DIN on the advice of a friend who has a Naim 500 system.

My Naim dealer made the same recommendation. They were right.

Back to your question. I would certainly go for the Chord. I went through many changes in my audio systems and the one component I kept the longest was a Chord Super Sarum Array IC.


IME Sarum Super Array i/c DIN-XLR are excellent from 552 to 500

However it really needs a Super Array i/c upstream to replace that HiLine before the XLRs : )


Or better Sarum T - with new Taylon outer sleeve … trickle down from chord Music

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Yes i agree, however the OP is saying he has an opportunity to buy a preloved [ pre-owned ] DIN-XLR, which i assume comes with a pre-owned price tag half the cost of new Sarum T

Buying these very expensive cables pre-owned can really improve the value for money aspect! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for your reply. Can you describe the improvement? I know that it is quite difficult to write what you hear!

My comparison was between the standard naim cables vs Sarum Super Aray vs Naim SL, however this included the i/c cables between CDS player and 552. The difference of the Sarum and the SL was more of everything good, detail, realism, more engaging musical flow, the natural timbre of sounds. Much as i respect the quality of standard naim supplied cables i was very surprised to find how much they hold back.

In an ideal situation you’d be wise to audition a demo between the Sarum vs Super Lumina which incidentally also goes a long way in providing the same lift of natural realism, i just found the SL very nice but more laid back and lacking in the Sarum natural dynamism.

However if a demo is simply not possible and you have the opportunity to buy Sarum DIN-XLR at a good price then it’s quite possible worth the risk of purchase - but like i said before it’s the front-end component i/c cables that make the most of it although they all do contribute [ and going by your present system details ] your HiLine cable will most probably become the bottleneck :grin:


Same experience. This does not apply to the interconnects but speaker cable as well in my case. I’m using the lower range Chord Signature Tuned Aray though.

Speaker cable comparisons have far more variables than i/c, depends upon what front end, which Nap(s), which Nac, what speakers, and then audio configuration layout & room acoustics play a part too. I can understand why so many find disagreement and report differing results :joy:


I went from the standard XLRs (552>500) to Sarum Super Aray. But I first borrowed a set of Super Lumina for a week - and found the step up to be excellent. I then tried Super Aray and found the same positive elements of the SL (PRaT and greater detail) but a much greater musicality. It wasn’t a difficult choice, and to my delight found that the Chord cabling was considerably cheaper.

I’ve since had them upgraded to Sarum T, though as I upgraded the rest of the cabling to Sarum T I can’t say what the difference between the XLRs was specifically.


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