Chord Sarum T power cable vs Music power cable

Would have the chance to get an upgrade to Chord Music power cable for my 555 PS DR,
but could not test it, against my Sarum T , which is really good.
Anyone had the chance to compare these two ?

Some years ago I compared the Chord Sarum T and Music power lines against my Naim Powerline. In my opinion and at the time:

I much preferred the Powerline over the Sarum T.

The Chord Music was better than the Sarum T, similar to and maybe slightly better than the Naim Powerline but not so much so and definitely, for me, not worth the significance price difference.

So, I stayed with the Powerline and never thought about it again.



in 2019 i participated in a chord workshop at a friends house (with full 500 system into kudos titan 707)
we had full layouts of signature, sarum t and music to go for.
i ended up with a sarum t mains cable which transformed my klimax kontrol.
but the music bettered the sarum t easily in his 500 system (never tried at my home… was afraid about the outcome)
so, if sarum t is good in your system… music will be even better imho.

I used to use Powerlines throughout, but the loan of a Sarum (pre-T), initially on my Radikal and then on my 552, resulted in me replacing the Powerlines for Sarums, which have since been upgraded to Ts. The Powerlines had been fine up until that point but the Sarums were a major improvement and, for me, well worth the extra expense.

I then had the opportunity to hear a single Music in place of a Sarum T and it was, rather depressingly, a big step up again and I’d happily have them in place of the T’s. In fact I had been saving up for a couple but the budget ended up going elsewhere but forum rules prevent me from mentioning where :grin:


So may be I could swap two from Sarum T to Music. Which would you choose ?
555PS for streamer, Innuos Zenith SE or Supernait 3 ?
I think 555PS is mandatory, but than ?

What cable are you using from your streamer to your Supernait?

Chord Sarum T

I’d upgrade that to Music first

You guys are lucky… we don’t get any of the Chord power cables in the USA.

May I ask which component(s) the cords were tested with?

In my limited experience, the difference or impact with US type power cords (Type A) is larger than British type cords (Type G). I didn’t try the Powerline but compared the standard Naim cords to Chord purple power cord(UK plugs) and various assorted cords which come with US plugs.

The difference between the cords which come in UK plugs is small to negligible while there is massive difference between one of my costly power cord terminated with US plugs and all the rest (both UK and US terminated plugs). I don’t know how the Euro plug cords compare though, and I’m not sure if the fuse inside the UK plugs may have restricted the full performance of the cords.

Sure, I tested the power leads with a Supercap/Superline, a NAC552 and finally a NAP500. With the focus on the Supercap/Superline as this seemed to be the component benefiting the most.


And I know you use Music cables elsewhere in the system, so your view is particularly interesting to me. Do you “just” use the LP12 as your source or do you also have a streamer?

@ChrisBell since you’re in the US you really ought to try the Shunyata cords. You can even borrow them from The Cable Co. Something our European friends can’t do.


My LP12 is my only source and is powered by a Linn Radikal with a standard Linn power lead and a UK, regulation compliant, standard 15amp plug.


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