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Hi interested if anyone has used the sarum t on either the nap 300 or 500 compared to other cables ie signature etc.I have the above from my cds3 to 252 and speakers and well impressed!Thought s Welcome,thanks Paul

I have them from my ND555 to a Violectric Headphone Amp. I’m a long time fan of Chord’s Sarums and the T replaced Super Sarum’s. I could have used them from the ND555 to the NAC552 and from there to the 300 DR. I’m sure I’d be satisfied with them.
Instead I chose to go to Chord Musics.
These cables replaced Super Lumina’s.

I have mine connecting my ndx2 to 52.
Before that, it connected a cds2 to same 52.
Previously used standard lavender and also hiline ( lavender better).
The sarum t lets more info through so if source not good, could be a problem. I really like the sarum t. Pricy though…

Is it the old signature or Signature XL speaker cables? If it’s the latter, I would be interested too, whether the Sarum T is a noticeable improvement from the Signature XL, and in what areas.

I use a Sarum T between my CDX2.2 and 52. It replaced the Lavender. Previously I had a Sarum Tuned Array, however, while it did the HiFi attributes exceedingly well, the music had a slightly syrup(y) texture to it. The lavender allowed the music to gel better. More cohesion, more PRAT. The Sarum T by contrast actually has even better PRAT than the Lavender can muster. I would equate it to viewing through a screen door then opening the door with nothing in your way. The result is blinding speed, stunning dynamics, and a real cohesion within the soundstage that feels less like recorded music and more like the real thing. I can’t fathom the Music is possibly better and I don’t want to even attempt a listen and be proven wrong. From time to time the Sarum T’s pop up on the s/h market. If you can nab one they are a real bargain at a discounted (from new) price.

For sheer speed and Dynamics having heard Superlumina Vertere and The mighty Chord music as a source to preamp interconnect

The superlumina and Vertere were far more dynamic and have more PRAT to my ears

Also more neutral … but some may not like that neutrality which accounts for the various differing opinions

I have the Sarum T power on my 555 dr. Wonderful!
Signature tuned array interconnects. Maybe one day I will be able to buy the T for Streamer/ Pre connecting. But have some other upgrades on plan for now…

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If you’re talking Din/XLRs then yes, a tremendous improvement over the stock cables, I had them on my 300DR before moving to Music.

Compared them to SuperLumina, which were slow, a bit congested, lacking in eloquence and completely unable to match the Sarum T’s ability to reproduce acoustic instruments.


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