Chord Sarum Tunes ARAY 2.5m Digital Streaming Cable

I have the opportunity to get one of these used cables for a relatively cheap price. MY question is that I have a 30’ run of standard CAT6 from my Router to my 2960 Cisco switch so will this cable then have any impact
I know this whole area is a very inexact sciecnce but keen to get peoples views ( and yes I am going to try and borrow for a demo)

I would hope so, its that last final link that counts , but only your ears can tell you if you like how it sounds and if its worth the outlay. Enjoy your demo.

Is it the Sarum or Sarum T ?

Either way i would buy it, the Chord cables are amazing, although i moved onto Synergistic Research that are better.

Don’t hesitate buy it.

Whether or not it’s any better than a cheap Cat 5 cable (or indeed makes no difference at all) is entirely dependent on your audio / network system and the electrical environment in your house.

For the price of one of those you can try more then a hundred different Cat 5 cables and hence have a greater than 99% chance of finding one that works at least as well (or even better!) in your system.

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£1250 is steep and it is not the T (if we are looking at the same one). Still for me the older Chord cables Indigo and Sarum are superior to the sub £2000 Epic and others that are watered down.

I would do the free demo to appease the masses here, but guarantee once you listen you will be hooked.

Can one guarantee anything in the experience of ethernet cables??!

The only thing is you technically need is a Cat 5 4 pair cable … everything else is tweak or consumer taste in terms of noise shaping.
I have used a Cat 5 2 pair cable, (ie half duplex) operation, but my first generation streamer appeared not entirely happy running half duplex.
Note Cat 5 is effectively obsolete and replaced by Cat 5e.

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I have a STA - and it’s excellent. I wouldn’t use anything else.

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