Chord Shawline X

Hello, anyone try this speaker cable? Ive got Chord Clearway and i wish what diference will be when i switch to Shawline X speakers Focal Aria 906 and Uniti Atom.

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I have it, think it’s reasonable at the price, I don’t think it would be out of place in the system you describe. Audio T have six customer reviews on line. In fact with the kit you are outlining , I think it would be on my short list.

My system (which is in the process of being tweaked) is Uniti Nova and Harbeth P3ESR (these are a Marmite speaker -which suit me - most of the time )

For transparency purposes , I am trying to maximise the sound out of my system whilst retaining the boxes -so may switch /upgrade to Chord Epic or Tellurium Silver or Black 11

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Clearway vs Shawline X, what you think? Diference?

Sadly I can’t answer , but the price differential is in favour of the Shawline producing a better sound , if bought for new. So buying from new it would be the Shawline , though I suspect there is discernible but not vast difference between the two

My intuitive feeling is that you would be disappointed , I don’t think at that price point there would be the marked difference you may be seeking -but I could be wrong .

Audio is a funny thing , you would think a product that is approx 50% dearer would produce a 50% better sound - and it doesn’t

I would ask your dealer if he has a demo pair he can lend you

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I have Shawline X hanging out the back of my Star but if I hadn’t bought it off eBay secondhand I would have gone for Clearway - I can’t imagine there is a significant difference between the two however with these Uniti boxes speaker cable is about the only thing you can upgrade easily so if you have upgraditis you are always going to be thinking will it be better.
Agree with Ian2001 worth asking a dealer if they have any for demo - Sevenoaks let me have a set for an extended period but that was whilst I was waiting for my speakers to get off the EverGiven or whatever it was stuck in the Suez Canal.
Other alternative is look for a suitable set on eBay - you can always sell them on if you don’t think it worthwhile.

If you can afford ShawlineX, get Witch Hat Phantom instead. I have had Clearway, ShawlineX, Phantom and now moved on to Epic XL. There is a small difference between Clearway and ShawlineX, another difference between ShawlineX and Phantom and quite a difference between all of those and the Epic XL. I have a few systems around the house, so still use all except the Clearway which were donated to improve some QED79 on a friend’s system.

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