Chord Silent Mounts SM5T

Hi Folks. Was wondering if anybody out there have tried above for interface between speaker spikes and bare engineered wooden floor laid on a concrete slab- my floor seems pretty solid. I once tried Naim chips, but preferred the very small chips I’m currently using probably the the size of a 2P coin. I have used them for eons and the literally were cheap as chips ( sorry :roll_eyes:). Also I do not sense any floor vibration during high volume replay. ATB Peter

are these the same products ?

As far as I’m aware the “T” is not recommended for use with speakers, that was confirmed to me by Chord some years ago.

That said, I have seen a few comments on Silent Mounts recently where people have received different information from what is stated on the Chord web site and from what I was told. I would check with Chord for the latest guidance.

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Hi Martinzero, yes did read through that thread before putting this up, just didn’t feel any answers were given about the Mounts being used under speakers. ATB Peter

Hi Elfer, yes it actually seems a bit confusing as the 7s aren’t mentioned as specifically for under speakers - looks as if I will have to contact Chord direct then. Thank you Peter

I have SM7s under my speaker stands, and have ordered SM5T for my rack (Fraim). I like that they are good on carpet (much as I would like a nice wood floor, it ain’t happenin’).

My understanding is also that SM5T are not intended for speakers.

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