Chord TT2

Hi I have just bought a chord TT2 and MScaler
I am trying to connect it in to my system 252 Suoercap nac300dr and NDX2 with ps555
can any member help with how to do this cheers Tony.

something like
ndx2 -> dc1 bnc bnc -> mscaler -> dual bnc -> TT2 -> rca - din interconnect -> 252

Hi thanks for your reply
I have tried this and still not working
When I change digital connection to BNC in the Naim app no sound
I have changed to RCA in the app.

Slightly off topic but I didn’t realise that the NDX2/555PS was so lacking in performance to need another £7500 spent on upscaler/DAC.
Out of interest did you compare the NDX2/MScaler/TT2 with a ND555 for around the same price?

No to be honest.

good point John. I would personally bought a dcs network bridge ( 4k) to partner the chord combo, vs the ndx2/555ps ( around 14k), flor probably the same results.

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it could be a faulty cable…
do you get any sound , if you connect the ndx2 directly to the TT2 ?
do you get any sound , if you connect a laptop to the mscaler/TT2 ( and don’t use the ndx2 for now) ? you would need a usb cable for that
are you using the bnc input on the TT2 ?


Hi TC, in case you have not done it, have you selected bnc input on the M Scaler?

In the OP’s setup, the NDX2 is a very expensive network bridge/streaming front end. I wonder if the 555ps is even doing anything?? Does it only ‘help’ the dac portion, or add anything to the portion he’s using it for?

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exactly, even the 555 ps is perhaps not useful. But not sure however on that…

NDX2 Digital output enabled?


Yes did that through the Naim app.

Is audio reaching the TT2? have you connected headphones to the TT2 to see if there is any output through them?
Are you taking Digital BNC out from the NDX2 to BNC input on HMS? As Graemeh asked, is it enabled?
Or do you have another input source going to HMS/TT2?
Have you tried the optical or single BNC outputs on the HMS?
But dual BNC should be straightforward, I have BNC 1 [HMS] to BNC 1 [TT2] and BNC2 [HMS] to BNC 2 [TT2].

I had a few situation when no sound was coming through and each time I had accidentally changed the input/output settings on the HMS Dave.

Not really the OP is using the NDX2 digital out as opposed to analogue out… it can only work in one mode or the other as it has to optimise the internal SHARC processor to the task in hand.
Therefore, in traditional terms, the NDX2 is acting as a transport, not that you should assume that is trivial. In fact it is arguably the most important part of a streamer and more critical than the DAC. The transport processing, Processor clocking and crystal oven clock stability of the transport streams are essential for the production of downstream analogue reconstruction where synchronous intermodulation products are to be minimised in the downstream DAC.
To my ears the NDX2 is significantly ahead of the NDX in terms of the transport stream, and this no doubt is down to the evolved and advanced transport and clicking design in the ND5XS2, NDX2 and ND555.

Now for maximum stability, across all frequencies, a quality low noise, low impedance power-supply is required. The native PSU in the NDX2 does well, and it is fine for my system, however a 555PS will in theory allow the clock to operate with even more stability with respect to other demands on the PSU. The levels we are talking about are minuscule, but that is the area we are in.

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I have remembered that on a certain recent edition of the streamer firmware that, sometimes, when I switched to Digital BNC it would remain silent. I had to toggle back and forth between DIN and Digital BNC a couple of times before DIg BNC would output. This was cured on the most recent firmware update. Might be worth a try.

Crystal oven clock stability? That’s me stumped.

The design of the temperature stability and electronic stability around the clock crystal … Naim made some reference to the improvement here with the new streamers.

One more thing, it might be easier to check what is going into the HMS if you have the input set to Automatic.

Thanks for all your help I have sound from HP will let the dealer sort it out tomorrow.