Chord TToby - small box, big sound

My wonderful Ultima 6 is poorly sick and on route back to Chord for surgery. Doug Brady have kindly loaned me a little TToby until it returns. What a surprisingly good amp it is too. The TToby costs just under half what the Ultima costs but is absolutely tiny in comparison, roughly the same size as a Hugo TT 2 but teh sound is huge. It’s not as good as the Ultima, scale, depth and timbre not quite there but it’s every bit as fast and dynamic with great imaging and a joy to listen too. Going to enjoy the wait for mine

to return!


The Atom HE and the Ttoby could be a very good match for near field speaker listening - compact form factor, good design.
Chord’s‘transparency’ would let the Atom HE’s own character through.
PS Ignoring Anni because although announced she isn’t shipping yet.


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