Chord ultima side cheeks

Does anyone have any real world images (not pack shots) of the chord ultima amps with their ‘side cheeks’.
Are they interchangeable with the feet? So, I could swap if I wanted to change my configuration and stack the units in the future?

You specify which ones when you buy. I can’t see how they would be changeable by the user. You’ve made me realise now how much dust is behind my set up!

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This help?


Thanks, I’ve got an ultima 5 on demo, but I’d like to see some images with the optional side blocks.

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Get your dealer to borrow them from Chord……if he can’t be bothered-go elsewhere

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You asked

Thanks all, some cool Ultimas here! Does anyone have them with the option acrylic sides like the image below? (Ideally in black)

I asked chord about this when i got my ultima 6 and they said it would have to go back to them as there is wiring through the feet

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