ChordMusic vs Chord Sarum T vs Naim SuperLumina DIN Interconnects

Anybody have any chance to compare these Interconnects in a Naim System?

…all expensive - but in for a penny as they say…

I’ve got a SuperLumina interconnect now linking my Naim 555 to my 552 - I personally thought that this cable was a revelation when I first got it to replace the “Stock” Naim HiLine than comes with the 555.

I’m obviously going to audition and use my own ears - but interested in views.

I’ve got the Naim SuperLumina speaker cable - 5m runs - and don’t think I’ll change that, as the numbers get very large very quickly for the alternatives mentioned - but an interconnect at the front end of the system on the basis of source first - well, maybe…

Well its a nice problem to have. I haven’t had the pleasure of any of the cables in question, but I have swapped all of my standard cables for Morganas. One of the best improvements was from the XLR to the NAP, so maybe try that in SL so you have a full loom.


In my system Powerigel Plus and from there all the cables are Chord Music. I would suggest a home demo. They are that good, and to my ears you can narrow the gap to Statement-territory quite a bit.


I think that’s what I’ll do - I can’t justify the true full loom with ChordMusic (especially not the cables that shall not be mentioned) but a single Interconnect - on the basis of source first - well - I can kind of get my head around that.

But that’s probably where it begins right!?

Yes, start with the interconnect. Lower noisefloor providing more (micro )details while retaining the drive of the music, which is crucial and often not the case with highend cables…

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As you have SL at both ends, do you have it in the middle? There is a great synergy to be had with the full loom. I’ve never been fond of Chord and the fact that they change their cables more often than many change their underpants would put me off buying an expensive cable. I’m sure the Music 2 will appear soon, with a 50% price increase and some more meaningless technowaffle to justify it.


But then again, while Music and Sarum T are better than the SL I/c you’ve got, there are other “areas of weakness” that might usefully be addressed first. This is a trip to your dealer occasion, whenever that may be, or perhaps see if you can get a home loan of one or two of the options. There are a couple of dealers who could help and I think you’re already familiar with one of them.


Ha ha very funny, you really need to change your underpants more often. :laughing:

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I stuck with SL for XLR/DIN on the 500 which completed the ‘loom’ as they say on here. Even used it was a big outlay for me but I wasn’t disappointed at all. In fact I was more than surprised at the difference it made. How much better the Chord versions are I can’t say but i like what @hungryhalibut says about how often Chord upgrade - it’ll leave you chasing their new improved version before too long.

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Yes - they do seem to do it often. But - and I may have dreamed this - between Chord and the Dealers I think they may offer a “full price paid” trade up in the event of upgrade.

I do think this is something I’ll do - you see the XLR/Dins on eBay pretty regularly - which, I dunno, I didn’t take of a positive endorsement of the value people saw in it.

Lots of positives on here though - including yourself and @hungryhalibut

Yes - they do seem to do it often. But - and I may have dreamed this - between Chord and the Dealers I think they may offer a “full price paid” trade up in the event of upgrade.

Good one, but then, they are a cable company, so it’s okay for me. They try to push things further in a field they are doing research for lots of years… And, as always, the one you have is not sounding off because there is a new one out there…


Very good points, Jodl, in any case, unless I’m mistaken, there have been no new versions of Music since it came out quite a few years ago.

The fact that you can upgrade existing cables if you’re a Sarum owner is nevertheless extremely attractive to me. It’s one of the reasons I like Naim amps and Linn turntables and streamers.


well these are different sounding cables - I had the luck to hear Chord Music DIN vs Superlumina DIN

The Music is a nice sounding cable, and for certain kinds of music I can certainly understand why many would think it is the better sounding one. No Harshness, wonderfully fluid sound with a deep bass, music seems to flow very well… Norah Jones - sounds really special on the Chord Music.

However when I started playing that track from Nickelback “Animals” (it’s a very fast and energetic track) through the Superlumina, the differences were as clear as day and night - it simply was more alive and more energetic though the Superlumina - minus some of the positive features of what make Chord Music so special.

So it’s not a clear winner, both are very good, but for what I am looking for the Superlumina is the cable…


Hi Analogmusic, been waiting for you to join in the fun.

In your case, I think you’re confusing the distortion with energy, but hey, if your musical tastes are limited to Nickleback, and that’s what you like, good luck to you.

Have you got SL full loom now?


Hi Matt - I may have missed it but what cable do you have “in the middle” as it were?

It reminds me some people thinking that the CDX2 was more involving vs the Cdx2/ Xps2. The former was just more forward and less refined.
When the soundstage opens and the tones are softer, some feel the sound became less involving.


I wouldn’t read too much into eBay sales. Naim shift a lot gear as any eBay search shows but I tend to think some items are like buses. It took a few weeks of searching before found a used pair at a reasonable price.

Anyway, look forward to hearing what you think of the options when you get chance. Might be worth adding the much talked about Morgana’s to the mix too. They’ve had really positive reviews from owners on here and elsewhere.

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Hi Dave,

I listen to a lot of diverse music, what’s wrong with Nickelback?

No, I cannot agree with you on distortion/vs energy.

I have heard Nickelback live so know what they really sound like, and the energy of the Superlumina cables was as clear as day and night. In terms of presenting them as they sound live, it is the Superlumina cable.

The Chord music cable is a very good cable indeed and probably one of the finest audio cables in the world right now.

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Nothing wrong with a bit of Nickleback, I’ve got one of their albums in the library, but if that’s your reference point, we’re looking at different things. I think you’d agree that the accurate reproduction of human voice, the harmonic richness of a Martin D-28, a Bosendorfer or Steinway, or the warmth of a Strat into AC30 is nothing like a full PA rig. I played in bands for years and what comes out of the PA stack is not something I’d be using as a reference for my hi-fi.