ChordMusic vs Chord Sarum T vs Naim SuperLumina DIN Interconnects

Hi Dave - just standard Naim black there. I know that @anon4489532 is a big supporter of the 552 → 500 links being SuperLumina and the cumulative benefits of doing that. So it’s certainly something I’ll try.

You’re there too are you?

That’s really interesting - I want both those things!

I more on the Soul/Folk/Electronica side than I am on the Rock side - but PRAT is paramount. I don’t want anything that diminishes that - ideally something that enhances it further!

I DO love a bit of Bass too!

I am a Prat guy too. Would never have kept the Chord signature tuned array if the prat was lacking.
But I would not choose Chord vs Superlumina without trying it before, at least at a dealer place.
Some love the Superlumina, some find it a bit agressive, even after a long burn in period.
The same for Chord, some would not go back, like me, and some find it too soft for their tastes.

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I am yes Matt. I found the SL din NDS to 552 to make a real positive difference, the SL speaker cable to make a small difference and, finally, the din to xlr leads to make really no difference at all. I also am not clear what “synergy” from the “full SL loom” means. By all means try out the SL din to xlr and see if you like what you hear more than what you have already. At your level of system it may well bring greater benefits than at mine.

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When I initially auditioned Superlimina I borrowed some Chord super-tuned array. I thought the Chord was nice but the Superlimina just had more grove! The Superlimina Din/Xlr was another big step-up.


BEFOR I had 552/500/Kudos 808 I actually preferred the standard Naim cables vs. SL and Chord Sarum/Music. Part of the fun disappeared with the more expensive cables.
But AFTER going 552/500/808 there was all there with the Chord Music “full loom”.
Worth mentioning in this context is the only source for me is a Garrard 401/Aro/Lyra Skala: Idler driven recordplayers do groove and attack and PRAT in generous amounts…


I’ve been very pleased with my Chord Music interconnects. I find them detailed without any tension or edge in the sound. I do use SL speaker cable which is outstanding. Best to audition a well run-in set and see if you like them. The Music cables are in a different class from the rest of the Chord line. Expensive but worth it in my opinion.


the chord music doesn’t lack PRAT at all. It is that classic Naim sound.

My intention is not to create doubts about buying this great cable.

The Superlumina though, just sounds more exciting, by comparison when doing A/B on certain songs

In isolation though I doubt anyone will ever hear this on a Chord Music Cable.


I use Chord Sarum T’s from my ND555 to a headphone amp and Musics to connect the ND555 to NAC 552 to a NAP 300 DR.
I have SL speaker cables.
The only cables I’ve heard that are better than Musics are Ansuz D2’s.

IMO, the best buy is used Sarum T’s. Half the price of Musics and I prefer them to SL’s.


I did the same trial (but, from memory, with the Sarum Tuned Aray IC - not the Super) and came to exactly the same conclusion.

I should add that I have never tried Chord T or Chord Music cables, but I suspect these are a significant move forward on the various Chord Sarum Aray cables.

I’ve never tried Sarum and Music against SL in my system but generally in my experience north of the power amp Naim wires are more organic. However, particularly at this price point the OP HAS to do a home demo.



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A few years ago I compared, through an extended home loan, 4-5 pin din interconnects between my Naim pre-amp and Supercap/Superline.

At the time Naim did not manufacture a 4-5 pin din SuperLumina interconnect so I compared with my Naim Hi-Line.

My preference from low to high was at the time:

  • Naim Standard ‘lavender’
  • Chord Sarum T
  • Naim Hi-Line
  • Chord Music

I was so impressed with what I heard with the Chord Music 4-5 pin din that I bought one, sold my Hi-Line and never looked back.


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I’ll absolutely do that - some great flavours of what to expect in this thread thus far.


I compared the interconnect DIN-DIN Chord Sarum T, Chord Music en Naim Super Lumina.

Used equipment:

Files in WAV on Unitiserve
Speakers Phonar 5.5 Edma (soundwise like Harbeth or Vivid speakers)
All cables: Music speakercables and Sarum T SNAIC and DIN-XLR, power cables Sarum Tuned Array

Used songs:

  1. Rammstein: Ich Will (cd: Made in Germany 1995-2011)
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach: Mattëus passie BWV 244: O, Haupt voll Blut und Wunden (cd: Die Krönung von Barockmusik Millenium 1700-1750)
  3. Adele: Hello (cd: 25)
  4. Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata und Fuge d-Moll, BWV 565 (cd: Die Krönung von Barockmusik Millenium 1700-1750)
  5. Schlindler’s List: Theme (cd: Schlindler’s list, John Williams)
  6. Esther Ofarim: Kinderspiele (cd: Five songbirds – Reference collection of female voices)
  7. Ramses Shaffy: Shaffy Cantate (cd: Het mooiste van Ramses Shaffy)

Discription per song: ST= Sarum T, SL = Super Lumina, M = Chord Music

  1. ST: more bass than SL
    SL: more ritmic, more flat, background less clear than compared with ST and less detail, sounds more shrill.
    M: relaxed, to quit for this song. More musical. More detail than the other two cables.

  2. ST en SL: almost no difference.
    M: voices of the choir are more separated, more detail.

  3. SL less depth than ST and SL sounds shrill.
    M: restfull, at lot more depth, more layers and details noticed in the music

  4. M: lots of detail and depth.
    ST not much difference with M and some more bass.
    SL: music is like it is running away, more dynamic, less balanced. Sounds less emotional. .

  5. ST: lots of emotion, lots of detail.
    M: superlative of the Sarum T.
    SL: more elegance, less emotional.

  6. SL: spatial. Very clear wich gives a tinkling effect.
    ST: more relaxed, more pleasant and sensitive.
    M: superlative of the ST

  7. SL: ritmic. Shrill and sometimes hard. Details and layers are disappearing.
    ST: more relaxed and balanced. More musical. You can hear the layers and details in the music.
    M: superlative of the ST.

I hope this helps with the choice of the cable you are looking for.


Bart, great write up. Reminds me when I did a (pre-Music) shoot out.


Amazing Bart - brilliant.

This does indeed bare out many of the other comments - with the SL being “Faster” but the Music being “musical” and the Sarum T somewhere in the middle, but closer to its brother.

I’m not a Rammstein fan - so if there is a compromise to be made, it’s defiantly in that heavy heavy area.

3 and 5 are closer to what I listen to. A lot of NeoSoul (maxwell, erikah Badu) a lot of soundtracks (Nick Cave/Warren Ellis and Max Richter) Electronica (Kraftwerk and Global Commincation) and Folk (Nick Drake) - so it tends to be on the mellower side, but with layers and a nice Naim snap to the rhythms. I like big bass too.

I do think the ChordMusic sounds like it might be the one for me - will demo at home obviously.

Big question though - did you buy one of them??

I upgraded My Sarum to Sarum T. Now I Have a Music din din. I.m very happy with it.

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:smiley: Great photo Chris!

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FR, once you have checked the meaning of ‘prat’ in English, you might want to rephrase this.


Don’t let that comment bother you, listen to whatever you want! I agree with you listening to different types of music is a good thing. Sometimes I may listen to Metallica sometimes Celine Deion, sometimes Michael Jackson etc. don’t be closed minded there is a lot of great music and it’s the reason we spend all the money we do. To enjoy music that the artist intended us to hear and tell their story is an awesome experience!! So do your thing :grin: