Chris Packham and Michaela. Innuendo on the BBC

Looking forward to another week of Winterwatch.

Chris and Michaela continue to push their luck last week…

"The BBC Two show saw Michaela hoping for “lots of beaver action over the weekend”.

"This was then followed by Chris signing off by saying “So, see you next Tuesday!”.

On previous series we have had:

Plus, they are always dropping song titles into the dialogue. All good fun.



Springwatch usually has Michaela showing Chris her tits.

And this year they are constantly mentioning Kinky Ray, a rat for those that don’t watch the show.


I remember dear old jonners (Brian Johnston) being incapable of speaking for quite some time!

Listen from about 3 mins in.

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The masters of the double entendre!!

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OOOh Matron

Screenshot 2019-12-28 at 19.02.51

From the masters of the double entendre


Just before Chris started SpringWatch and we were out walking the dogs (his and mine) he said that he wanted to keep himself amused/on edge during the show. I suggested inserting Smiths lyrics as this was regularly done by a member of senior staff during Friday briefings at my school.

This is what happened.

I’m very impressed by the name dropping. Somewhat less impressed by the love of the Smiths. Lol.

The titles just let themselves be crowbarred into a sentence without too much effort. I like the Smiths and early Morrissey. Complete knob now.

Funnily enough Chris was a former pupil of where I work.

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